October 19, 2015


Pampa Texas (South)


Elder Neilsen

Sweet Week!

So many miracles happened this week it was incredible! When we put our trust in the Lord, anything is doable! There were many events this week that were lead by the Spirit. I just want everyone to be able to hear it!

So Elder Nielsen and I have been doing this thing during comp study where we think of cool things to sketch on paper and we had some pretty cool turnouts! We each think of something that has happened on our missions and then we incorporate it onto paper. It's a good companion bonding activity!

This week was great. There's something about a new missionary that brings a new spark to the area. And Elder Nielsen has that spark. We've been meeting with Kiara and Andrea quite a bit and we've made some stinkin good progress with them! Oli really likes us and he keeps inviting us over. The kids love the plan of salvation and they love to do the diagram. They can do it without any help and they explain it to us! They understand that they can't go to the celestial kingdom without being baptized and I asked them, “Do you want to be baptized?" And they said yes! So Kiara and Andrea Ponce will be getting baptized on October 30th! I'm so pumped! We've been working with them for a really long time and we're starting to see the fruits of our efforts! And even better, Oli came to church on Sunday! That was the first time that I've seen him at church since I've been here at Pampa! He invited us over for quesadillas tonight so I'm excited for that because Mexican food made by a real Mexican is so much better! We're starting to do this thing where we take a turn cooking for each other. For instance, Last week Oli made some crazy good street tacos and now after Kiara and Andrea's baptism, we're going to grill some burgers for them! It's going to be great!

Douglas and Delissa were at church on Sunday and that was great! They kind of fell off the map for a while, but they showed up to church! We scheduled a time to go and see them and we taught them about the word of wisdom. They are the first that I've met that don't smoke or drink alcohol. They used to drink coffee and tea, but they said that they could stop if they wanted too. We set a goal for them to completely stop by the end of this month and they said that they can do it. After that they are going to be ready to baptized. Douglas has actually been reading the B of M, and he's already in Mosiah! That's the farthest I've ever heard an investigator read! They are doing so great!

When Elder Nielsen and I were driving, we saw a turkey on the side of the road. I was so confused. Then we saw a couple more. Then an entire herd/ flock! It was insane! So I snagged a couple photos and boy it was a site to see! Too bad that I didn't have a silenced weapon on me (against the rules) otherwise Elder Nielsen and I would've had dinner haha!

We've been teaching quite a few other people as well, but they aren't progressing as well as we would like them too. That's why I’m doing highlights of the week about those who are progressing faster than others. Unfortunately, we're going to have to start dropping investigators soon, which is super sad because we've been working with them for a long time. But if they aren't keeping commitments, we focus on those that will. But you know what that means: Time to go finding! I actually like finding, it's a great opportunity to meet new people.

Also I would like to let you all know that I'm moving to a different place. So my new address will be 401 Hill St. Pampa, TX 79065. I know all of you are dying to send me packages, so make sure that you send it to the right address! Love you all! Thanks for all of your prayers! I need as many as I can get! Remember to do all you can to become more like Christ! Put your trust and faith in Him and He will provide a way to overcome whatever trial is in your life! "PEACE OOT!" -Canadian

Elder Bollwinkel


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