September 28, 2015


Pampa Texas (South)


Elder Knapp

That Much Faith!

Alright we just finished week 5 of my second transfer in the field. I can't believe it cause I remember being set apart as a missionary last night and being with the boys. Crazy how time flies! Awesome to hear about everyone's homecoming! I hope it was a good one! Looks like everyone had fun! Shout out to Bailey Christensen on her mission call to Honolulu! That's excellent! You'll do great things there!

This was a pretty good week. You know nothing super remarkable happened but it was still a great week of serving the Lord! K, so mom, the Little Caesars card you sent me didn't work:( that was a sad day ha-ha. I hope the other gift cards work now ha-ha.

So Braulio (Pedro) and his family are probably our fastest progressing investigators, even though they can't get married for the next couple months. They were supposed to get baptized yesterday but I know that they will when everything gets cleared up. We started teaching them about 5 weeks ago and they have come to church every single week since then. Cindy (wife) has cried every time in relief society and she feels the Spirit a lot. I had a super cool experience with them and their family this week. We got a text from Pedro saying that he didn't have any food to feed his children because he's been out of a job for a couple months. We shot a text to Brother Jennings (WML) and explained the situation and then he said to get all of the food that we can and be at his house in 30 minutes. We ransacked our pantry, and freezer and got a good amount of food that we could give them. We met up at Brother Jennings house and added our food to the food that they had gathered together. We then ran to Little Caesars and got some pizzas for them and drove over to their house. When we showed up to his house with a giant box of food and a cool chest full of meat. He started crying and said that that was too much food! The spirit was so strong as we had a little lesson with them, right then. We talked about General Conference and we invited them to attend the broadcast and they said they would. I love the scripture in Matthew 25:40 "If ye have done it unto the least, ye have done it unto me." That was stuck in my head as we drove back from such a powerful lesson.

Just in case ya'll were wondering we dropped Darren and Yoland, the gangsters that we were teaching. Sad! Ya we found out that they were drug dealers so we just never went back haha. We don’t want to get caught up in anything that would put us in danger! The White Handbook says not to proselyte in places where you could be targeted as a victim. That's about most of the area that we serve in haha. But ya, don't feel like getting shot or anything.

So Terrance is starting to progress again, he's about to get his license back and when that does, he's coming to church! He's slowing down on the drinking so that's nice! He's been reading a little bit and praying, so I'll keep you updated on that!

We did a lot of service this week! We went and did service for Miah, a recent convert, and he has a giant garden and field that we help him with. We dug a giant hole last week so we could fix some water pipes (I'm telling ya, I'm a pro at this now) and then we spent the next three hours filling it back up! While doing so, we crossed a giant Tarantula! It was awesome! We captured it in a bowl and put a lid on it! And thanks to our knowledge and crafty wisdom, we went outside and caught a grasshopper and tossed it in with the spider. It turned around slowly, poised itself and then threw itself on top of the grasshopper! it was sweet! Miah loves nature and he thought it was the coolest thing! Sorry Grandpa.

That's about it for this week, we've taught more lessons, working on setting some baptism dates. I want to leave ya'll with a sweet scripture I came across. I was reading in Ether about the Brother of Jared. He was talking with the Lord and he was trying to figure out how to get the barges to light up. He said, "Lord, I now that thou can do all things. Therefore, touch these stones, and let them give off light so my people won't travel in darkness." Something like that, and then the stones started to light up, one by one. THEN the veil was taken off from the Brother of Jared’s eyes, and he saw the hand of the Lord, touching each stone. It goes on to say that no man has had greater faith in the Lord than the Brother of Jared. His faith was so strong that the Lord couldn't keep the veil on him and he showed himself to the Brother of Jared. Could you imagine having that much faith that the veil couldn't be held on you?! That would be crazy! I challenge all of you to try and increase your faith in Jesus Christ, and to act upon that faith, to make it strong. I love all of you and hope the best for all of you! Elder Bollwinkel out!

Brother & Sister Jennings are incredible! Pictured below feeding us.


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