September 14, 2015


Pampa Texas (South)


Elder Knapp

Busy blessed week.

Hey everyone! It sounds like ya'll have had a pretty eventful week in Gilbert! It's awesome to hear about all of the missionaries that are reporting to serve the Lord. It's truly a blessing to be able to be apart of this great work! I have already seen countless blessings come into my life as I focus all of my time to the Lord.

So this week was pretty outstanding! I've talked a little about Pedro and his family and they are the most solid investigators that we have had. So it's Pedro, his wife Cindy, then Juan-Carlos, Jonathan, Jocelyn, and Julian. They are awesome! Everything makes sense to them and they have come to church 3 times in a row without us expecting them! That doesn't happen, like oh, at all. We met with them earlier that week when Brother Grote was with us. We had an fantastic lesson about the Plan of Salvation with them. Their 10 year old son, Jonathan, was able to help us teach them because he learned it in primary the week before! Talk about being impressed! We committed them to baptism on September 29th and all of them said that they want to be baptized! All of them can be baptized except Julian because he is 6. The next thing we need to go over with them is the Word of Wisdom, typical. But they don't smoke so getting rid of alcohol should be easy! I know that they can do it! I'm so pumped!

Stefany Alanis is a recent convert to the church. Her husband, Emanuel, and her are the greatest people ever! They have a daughter, Sofia, who is about a year old. She is the most adorable little Mexican child you will meet! We got a call that Sofia is super sick and needs a blessing. So we zoomed over there and were able to talk with her for a little bit and discuss what was wrong. Sister McLatchy is her visiting teacher and she speaks fluent Spanish. So she was there and helped translate as we gave baby Sofia a blessing. She was screaming and crying through the entire blessing and it was definitely a new experience for me! I felt the spirit so much and as soon as we were done giving her a blessing, she was completely quiet. Not a single word. It's amazing how the spirit works.

We got to go give service for Miah, who's a recent convert. He is the funniest guy ever. He tells the greatest, funniest jokes that you can imagine! We did a lot of things there! We tended his chickens, his ducks, helped mow his lawn and fixed a water pipe! It was great! He's a super cool guy and I look forward to helping him more in the future.

Not a lot more happened this week, just a couple of little lessons, a couple of investigators are at a standstill. We're just doing our very best and being obedient missionaries. I can't wait to hear about all of the events happening in Gilbert! It's incredible to see how the Lord is blessing you all! I challenge you (again, if I already have) to look for all of the blessings that are put in your life. In my training book, it says if you need to relieve stress, count all of your blessings. Simple! I have seen that so many times, let me tell ya. I love being able to validate all the blessings that the Lord has put in my life! I love you all and I know that this Gospel is true! It can bless our lives abundantly if we let the Lord in! You guys are great and remember to fight the good fight!

Elder Bollwinkel


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