September 8, 2015


Pampa Texas (South)


Elder Knapp

This Gospel is such a great one!

This was a pretty busy week! On Tuesday we had a sweet district meeting and we went on exchanges! I got to stay here in Pampa with Elder Carlson who is a new Zone Leader in Borger. Guess what that means... oh yeah baby I got to drive! It felt good to get behind the wheel because it has been a long time and I’ve always loved going on drives back home. So that was nice. I only got lost in the city about 4-5 times ha-ha. – not bad. I was able to introduce Elder Carlson to Terrence, one of our coolest/weirdest investigators and it was great! We went around and continued to get work done!

On Wednesday Elder Knapp and I got back together and we went and helped Sister Garcia with her yard. The water pipe that we fixed hasn't leaked so that is a huge relief. If anyone needs help fixing a water break once I get back – just saying. We started building another fence in her yard for her dogs so we got a lot of busy work to do over there. It was Anthony's birthday on Thursday, hence we went over and wished him a happy birthday, and while there we visited with Christy and Anthony. They had a bunch of flat tires on their bikes – which makes for some organized time to talk about the gospel and fix their bikes at the same time! It was great! We invited them to read the BOM and continue to pray together so that their relationship can strengthen. Amazing how everything ties together in the gospel.

Had to kick another dog on Thursday while we were biking. Seriously sad, but I don’t want holes in my pants. They need to learn to stop eating us. We did a little bit of finding and then we had to bust over to Borger because Elder Knapp is the district leader and all the leaders had to go to Lubbock for leadership training. So Elder Hall, who I came out of the MTC with, got to come back home with me! His Trainer is also the DL. So Elder Hall and I got to spend all of Friday together.

Holy Cow this was a busy day. Now imagine, two elders that are still in training, running around Pampa in a Ford Fusion, carrying out the Lord's work. I didn't schedule very many appointments that day because Elder Knapp was going to be gone, but then I realized i probably should so Elder Hall and I have something productive to do! (Typical Greenie Move) So we had a couple appointments in the evening but nothing during the day. What do you do when you don’t plan . . .we went tracting, for like 2 hours in the hottest part of the day and we hardly ever go finding. But I made it seem like we do it in on a regular basis. We were finding for two hours and didn't see a single soul outside. It was ridiculous! Live & Learn. Brother Gote was able to take us to our appointment with Terrance and it was great! We read form the BOM and talked a lot about the importance of Baptism and Developing a faith in Christ! It was awesome! Kinda cool all of the elders have been able to meet Terrance! It was great being given the chance to drive all day too haha! I got to DJ the church music that we had and drive - it was awesome! We went over to Oli and Ruby's for the last part of the day and we ran into Oli. We were able to talk with him for a little bit and we visited about Kiara and Andrea's baptism. I told him that we wanted to baptize them on the 19th of September and he said ok. Then he said, he doesn't really care what church they get baptized in and I told him that that is super immature. Oh my! We're at that point in our relationship that I can be bold and loving with him. I told him that he needs to help with that decision of theirs to be baptized, it’s huge for them and he said that I was right. I thought to myself, "Yes, yes I am”. I asked him if he would read with his children and I gave him a chapter about baptism and he said he would read. It's great to see his heart softening and I'm so grateful that Grandma Hatch has been putting their names in the Temple, I really appreciate that:) He said that we can baptize them then! We're so amped!

Saturday was insane. We received a call from Brother Jennings that his brother was very sick; John Jennings is his brother and he was throwing up all night and couldn't sleep. We went over there and gave him a blessing of healing. I got to anoint him with oil and the Spirit was so strong there as we gave him that blessing. I love those experiences so much and I can't wait to have them more. The power of His work! We had a bunch of appointments and we taught quite a few people. It was wonderful. We went and visited Christy, while there we had a lesson with her. She said that I remind her of a celebrity and I'm thinking, no one has ever said that about me, I’m not that good looking. She said that I look like Matt Damon and she pulled up a picture and I kind of did haha that made my day!

On Sunday Pedro and his family came to church again and we weren't really expecting them. They punched two of our appointments but they came anyhow! They loved it! We need to get them baptized as soon as possible! They love learning and we need to get them while they are so open to the Spirit. Kiara and Andrea came to church again also and it was great to see them there and they enjoyed it as well! We just need to get them to stop drinking tea! Haha! That's such a big issue here it's ridiculous. We had dinner at the Mizes house in Panhandle and it was awesome! They cooked up 6 racks of ribs and I'm pretty I sure I ate two of them ( I know, I could've eaten more, should've) :) We went over and visited Jason and had a pretty good Sunday!

Labor Day was sweet and we got to chill from our typical work most of the day! We took a sweet nap and played b-ball, then Brother Jennings invited us over for dinner and we helped him with a bunch of yard work. I love doing service because it's a great way to relieve stress. I lifted huge blocks of concrete and giant pipes so it was great!

This Gospel is such a great one! I'm so grateful for the chance that I have to do this in my life. Through this I've been able to strengthen my relationship with my Heavenly Father. We need to establish that relationship with him ASAP and keep it strong. I invite you all to take small step and do the same, in some way we can all grow closer. I love all of you guys and I'm so grateful for this Gospel!
Elder Bollwinkel


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