August 17, 2015


Pampa Texas (South)


Elder Knapp

Time is Moving

Wow it's insane how fast this week went! What's even more insane is that you guys all just started school! I hope all of you have a good year! Huge shout out to my boy JQ, hope your surgery went well. You've been in my prayers countless times!

This week went by so quickly and we loved everything about it. We got a referral of a guy named Oscar who used to live in Canada, so we took all of Tuesday to meet with members and to contact him! Sadly, none of the members were home or answered, but we got in contact with Oscar! He's a super cool dude and he accepted a Book of Mormon and said that he would pray about it! We'll head back over there sometime this week and hopefully we'll be able to meet up with him again.

This has been an eventful week with Christy and her kids! We were able to teach them like four times this week, so it was great to see them almost every day! We had a great throw down lesson on ‘one true church’ because Christy has been struggling with that. Yet this time she accepted everything that we told her and so did Anthony (12 year old son). It was great! I love receiving promptings from the spirit and I had an overwhelming prompting to invite them to be baptized. So, acting on that prompting, I invited them to be baptized by someone holding the restored Priesthood here on Earth and they said yes! Elder Knapp and I seriously had our eyes lit up with joy! We committed them to be baptized on September 5th and we are stoked! But, the unfortunate happened. The next day when we went to visit her, her house smelled like smoke... There's a lady that she works with that is too nice and when she asked for a cigarette, she gave her a whole pack... We were super sad, but she still has enough time to be clean in time for her baptism. We reassured her that we are still here to help her, that the Lord will give her strength and that the only way that she'll be able to quit her addiction is if she reads, prays and comes to church. We're still working with her so please keep Christy in your prayers!

On bike day, we ran into our neighbor, Jason, and we asked him if he went to church, He said he didn't and asked if we could recommend a good one. We said as a matter of fact we have a great one for you to go to! We asked if we could come by and teach him and he said of course! He's such an awesome guy and he is a huge conspiracy theorist haha! We got sidetracked a lot during the lesson but we were able to get the message across. He said that he would come to church and if we needed help with anything just to holler at him! He is such an amazing guy! Too bad he's in the sister's area and we have to hand him over to them. He didn't come to church, which was sad but we're still going to go and visit him!

We ran into our investigators that haven't been home. We decided on the way over if they weren't home, we would drop them for a season. Turns out they were in the front yard and they were happy to see us! Their name are Douglas and Delissa and they have two kids. We were talking with Douglas and he just got laid off so he said that he would be able to come to church! It was a miracle for us because he worked Sundays, And something that was amazing that happened was that they came to all 3 hours of church and they loved it! We decided that we're going to dunk (baptize) them by the end of September. We can't wait to help them come closer to Jesus Christ!

We met with Ruby and her kids this week and we had a great lesson on the spirit and an awesome lesson with the parents about stake conference, prayer and reading the Book of Mormon. We committed them to come to stake conference, which was weird for us when they said yes because they haven't been to church in months. Then I committed Oli (dad) to read and pray which was super weird because he's not like that at all! Haha. It was marvelous for all of us and we can start to notice a change in their attitude towards church!

That's all that's happening right now and I challenge all of you to really think about what it means to keep the Sabbath Day holy. It is a day that is centered all-around Christ and His atonement and it should never be overlooked. By taking rest of your weekly tasks and spiritually centering for one day – you will feel His love more deeply. I love all of you and I hope you are all doing what is Best. We are all enlisted till the conflict is over! And we are happy that we are! Love you all!

Elder Bollwinkel


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