July 24, 2019




Elder Daniel Darrington

Week 4

The first week in field has been very wet and cold. It has rained almost every day and has been around 11-25 degrees almost daily. But I still love missionary work. I am down to 220 lbs so that's pretty awesome. Me and my companion are getting along well and it has been awesome to have so many opportunities for growth within the first few days of my mission. Sunday was awesome and tracting on Sunday was pretty great too. Greenies study a lot and I love it I have never studied so much scripture in so little time before. Well I gotta go but I'll leave you with an experience I had on Monday. I woke up at 6:00 and got up and got some water and the natural man in me was telling me that it was okay for me to go back to bed. After I had this thought I looked at the picture of the Savior that I have right next to my bed and had had another thought that if I went to bed He would still love me so it wouldn't be a huge deal. Then I had an overwhelming sense of love and I realised He will always love me but I need to get up and get ready now because I love Him. I love all of you back home and am praying for everyone. You can email me whenever I just won't be able to reply until next Wednesday.


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