November 2, 2017



Subject lines are lame. I'm going on strike.

​Ok! Ha sido una buena semana! [It’s been a good week!] Well...main events of this week...cosechas! I really have no idea what that is in English - when missionaries go to other areas to help them out when they need new investigators or need some other help. But we did a bunch of those this past week! See the photos for a bit more info cause I don't have too much time. :)

CIERRA MAGLEBY! I expect an email next week telling me all about this new fiance! Just so you know. :)

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! We didn't really do anything here, except for go to Wendy's that night and got a Frosty. Blessings of being here in the capitol. :) And Feliz Dia de los Muertos hoy! [Happy Day of the Dead today!]

Mom! Thank you for your package! I very much look forward to making those brownies, but for now I'm living well on weird chocolate flavored candy corn. The office elders have been enjoying a few sweets from the US thanks to you, muchas gracias!

I found a place that can fix my camera. :) I'll need to pay $104 dollars, but that's not too bad I don't think. All I need to do is go pay the lady and she says she can fix it and I'll have a good camera again. I mean, I've been doing ok with my iphone lately haha, but I won't have that forever. I may even be leaving the office this next week with transfers coming up! Crazy that transfers have already arrived.

Mom! In response to your email...I apologize for being vague, I know that I have been. I am currently serving in the Villa Francisca ward in the Santo Domingo stake. Those names also apply to mission area and zone's names. I've also served in the Espaillat ward in the Santo Domingo stake, La Caleta ward in the Las Americas stake, then in Las Brisas ward in the same Las Americas stake (but different from the Las Americas mission zone), and now here in Villa Francisca. Any other specific questions? If you want specific addresses for where i've lived, I can get that to you, I just don't have time today. Gracias!

Super cool experience from this week! This past week one night, within about 2.5 hours, 8 elders working in one area​, we set 4 baptismal dates for the very next day. We went on a Monday night, the 30th of October in an effort to help an area whose baptimal date for October had fallen and we went to help them cumplir la promesa del Senor [fulfill the Lord’s promises] and baptize the next day, the last day of October. We set 4 baptismal dates and everyone was so hyped up, it was so cool hahaha. Although we missed time in our own area, it was really cool being able to go help out other missionaries in their areas and see miracles like that from the Lord. Another example of a miracle is in I think Bayaguana, or some other area in the mission, didn't have any baptisms nor any baptismal dates on the 31, the last day of October. At 12:00 noon, they still didn't have anything. They recruited the help of some other missionaries and that night, 2 people were baptized in that area. Within this last week, though we didn't quite complete the fulll promise, we saw some amazing miracles in the unity of the mission and the missionaries being guided to find those that are prepared for baptisms. It has truly been a miraculous week. I know God is blessing and helping us here in this mission, in this part of the Lord's vineyard. I love the mission!!!! There you have it folks! Until next time, love to all! Happy Fall wishes to all! - Elder Magleby

This last week the whole mission united in doing “cosechas” in the mission. Tons of missionaries gathered to help out other areas that were struggling. The main reason we did them is because President Smith received a promise from the Lord that every companionship would be able to baptize someone this last month of October and those areas that within the last week of the month hadn’t baptized nor had fechas (baptismal dates) we went to help them out. We weren’t able to achieve the promise of every companionship baptizing, there were 4 or 5 that weren’t able to, but the cosechas brought the whole mission together and helps us be more unified. Really cool experience! We didn’t have much of a p-day this week, we were helping fix some situations in the office, but we got to spend about an hour with our zone in the park across the street from the temple where we contacted a few times while I was in the MTC. Apparently there are some caves there, who knew? Not huge like last week’s p-day, but still really cool until one of the security guys kicked us out for no reason. ‘Twas a delight!


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