May 26, 2018



Elder Hair

Leaving or staying in Powhatan?

Dear Everyone & Mom,

So good news and bad news... I am leaving Powhatan! I don't know how i feel about it yet. All i know is that i hope i go somewhere with more people than trees. HAHAHA

So to start off, Tuesday was a time for us to have exchanges with the AP's (Assistant to the President). They helped me a lot and help me understand more about Missionary life. Then we had Dinner with the Reyes family (in our ward) and Elder Hair Split his brand new pants! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i couldn't stop laughing.

I didn't sleep well last night. But we went down to Brandermill to do some more exchanges with the Brandermill Elders'. We went out and saw some people for them and slept there... ON THE FLOOR!

My body had quite enough of me not getting sleep. I couldn't wake up until 7:30. I was sooooo tired, it wasn't even funny. But we stayed until 2 at Brandermill and came back up to Powhatan.

So we were heading out to do some tracting before lunch and our tire was FLAT! A screw was in it. So we replaced it with a spare and then went out of our area again to go to Midlothian. There is no Elders there so we called up the sisters and they gave us a couple streets to tract on. It was really tiring to say the least.

We headed somewhere differnt today. We went where (that i know of) no missionaries have been before. We met with a Vietnam Veteran there. He was telling us "I don't think there is a Heaven... but I hope there is no Hell". He didn't want to live anymore when he was younger, he said that he has PTSD. He also asked about where he might be going after he dies. We talked with him for a solid hour. It was great! We also got calls from the AP's and they said that BOTH OF US ARE LEAVING Powhatan! That was a big shocker.

I was saying goodbye to the ward and also took some pics of the Despain's, Nalder's, and Cox's. They are probably my favorite people here in Powhatan. Some pics of us with those familys.

Elder Patrick M. Olsen
PS. yes Santa does live... He lives in Powhatan, VA! His undercover name is Ron Despain.


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