March 5, 2018



Elder Tanner Berger

Hey Everyone!

Hey Everyone!

I love all of you! I got a new Companion! his name is Elder Hair and his is very Urgent in missionary work. he has been on a mission for 16 months now and loves it here. I was not motivated to do a whole lot so i just did whatever for the first three months on my mission (most of the time). I am on the go all the time now! it's great. I love walking and also love tracting.

I have an investigator on date now! his name is Roscoe and is wanting to be baptized on the 31st of this month. Please pray for him to quite vaping. He wants happieness and we have given it to him.

We had a power outage because of really strong winds. We didn't have power for 12 hours and finally at 10 that night the power came back on.

I posted a quote that i made up on facebook, but i feel that i need to share it with you guys today:

"I will fight! I will give my all for my Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ. I will defend his truths! I will strive to be like him. I will sacrifice my life for Them! I am on a mission not to force people to listen but to help those in need or people who are willing to listen with an open heart. I am willing to leave my family for two years, to help other families be eternal. I will let nothing get in the way of Christ's plan for me!

And through it all... Jesus will be my crutch! He will be my Sword of truth! He will be my shield to defend His gospel! He will be my armor to go through challenges that await for me! He will be my comforter when I get down! He will be my legs to keep on going even when I can't take another step! He will be my heart to know where to go! And He will be my hospital for when I need to heal: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally, and Spiritually!" By Patrick M. Olsen

Elder Patrick M. Olsen


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