November 13, 2016

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Lorna Oldham

Back in Arizona

Well I am back home as of last night.  I hated to leave family but I had pressing things here at home that needed to be taken care of.  Also to get ready for Thanksgiving.  It will be fun to have your Mom and Dad here with the kids this year.  It will be a short visit but at least we get to spend time together.  Next year you can come.  
I hope you had a great birthday honey.  And I am glad you enjoyed the treats.  It was kind of a small Peanut Butter but have to find something in a plastic jar and not to big.  Anyway glad it made you the most popular guy at church.  
I guess I am going to work part time at Kneaders during the Christmas rush to help fill Christmas gift brackets.  Its only a few hours a couple times a week and in the evenings which is my best time.,  Hope it works out and I like it.  It will just go until Christmas so wont be to bad.
I guess that you have heard that our new President is Donald Trump.  He won by a landslide.  I understand that the People of Russia were very happy about it.  Said the senate house or whatever is it broke ou in applause when they announced the Trump got it.  People are so fed up with the way the government is handling things that they wanted a new person with great ideas and not influenced by wall street or the big money rollers to buy favors.  Trump has a ton of good idea and one is to repeal Obamacare which will be wonderful. He is also going to reverse most of Obama's executive orders.   Anyway you can read up on it when you get home. Trump got 279 electoral votes to Hillary 218 last count.  
Andrea was happy to get your note.  I think she is going to write you back.  I had such a fun time up there.  Was on the go all the time so got tired but oh well.  I am just resting now at home so that seems good to.
Well honey going to go  watch the Cardinals play football so going to sign off.  God Bless you and the people of Ukraine,  The gospel is so important and I hope that many will be able to get introduced to something that will bless their lives forever.  I Pray for the people in Russia also that they may find peace in their situation.,  
Love you tons honeyGrandma O.


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