October 23, 2016

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from Seattle

HI again.   

Well  I am writing from Seattle this time.  I arrived yesterday.  Sun is shining and weather is in the 60 s.  Great to be here spending time with Andrea and family. The flight out was really nice and smooth So I was glad for that.  It was a beautiful new Boeing so it was really comfortable. Packed to the hilt.  Every seat was full.

   We just went to Noah’s Karate Halloween party.  Kind of Lame but the kids had fun.  I will be here for Halloween so that will be fun.  The kids usually get tons of candy.  And also will be here for Andrea’s Birthday which is the 24th.tomarrow. 

I am watching the Cardinals and the Seahawks football game.  Tied 3 to 3 at the end so now in Overtime.  Crazy.  They are playing in Arizona.  I hate overtimes.  They are to stressful.   Just about over.  Az just scored a 3 pointer.  6 to 3 now.  Woops 6 to 6 now.  I want this over with.  No touchdowns the whole game.   Ill just tell you the final if it ever happens.

How are things over there going for you now.  I am sure you are doing all the things that Missionaries do.  Is it easier then it was in Russia to contact people.  Ill bet they are nicer and not so much alcohol and swearing Im assuming. I know that I am not as worried about you in Ukraine as I was in Russia.  The good Lord watches over you all the time I am sure.

I guess Mom and Dad are having a great time in Hawaii.  They have posted some great pictures.   Looks like all your Moms siblings and grandpa and Grandma Merritta went to.  What a fun thing and fun way to celebrate Your Moms Birthday. 

Well honey I will close for now.  The game is still going on.  Cardinals just missed the winning 3 pointer and, Oh my gosh you cannot believe this game.  Two missed field goals by each team.   Well it ended in l tied 6 to 6 Final score.  You should watch a replay when you get hone if its still available.  It was crazy.  Said it was the first time that no touchdowns in 66 years for the NFL.

I guess the Lacrosse team from the University is playing some now  Not sure if its regulation yet but he has posted a couple things. 

Well I guess I better get this on its way or you wont get it in time for your Pday.   Love you honey and thanks  for getting me the nesting dolls  I am sure they will be perfect.  I hope it was not to much of a pain.  Take care.

Love From Grandma. 


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