May 22, 2016

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Lorna Oldham

where did this week go

Dear Elder Oldham.  And no this is not a Dear John Letter. 
How are things going with you this week:  I hope well for you,  I am actually sitting on the floor in your bedroom writing to you.  I has been a busy week because I have been going back and forth between Here and Jason's.  It a lot of dragging stuff back and forth.  Makes me tired.  lol.  Jason had his boys this weekend and so I wanted to see them so spent last night over at his house.  The twins are getting so  big  they are almost as tall as me.  I didn't get to see Bracken  because he had some plans for Friday night (teenager) but he is coming down tonight but I probably wont see him until the next time they come down.
The twins just celebrated there 10th birthday about a week ago so Jason and Jamie took them to the fun park here in Logan tonight. Of course me and Alexis also went with them and they had a great time.  Then pizza and home..  It was a busy night.  I am ready for bed......But I wanted to write to you first. 
 Your Dad and I went down to Sandy to watch one of Demi's soccer games.  It was a great game and they won 2 to 0.  The minute the game ender we headed over to zupas for some food and just as we got in the door the started raining buckets.  Dani also had a game that same night in Logan so Mom stayed with her. The wind was blowing so hard that it was hard to play because the ball would just sale through the air.   It has been pretty crummy weather.  Raining a lot.  And for me its pretty cold. In the 50s and 60s.  I am really missing that Arizona sunshine. 
Mom Dad and me went to a big warehouse sale with bedding and beds and pillows and all that kind of stuff.  I got a really nice 3 inch foam topper for my bed and your parents got a great new bed..  It is so comfortable and the head raises and the knees do to. If I would have had enough room in my Odyssey I  would have taken one home.  You'll probably try it out when you come home.
Deb and Dean are leaving for Hawaii on Tuesday and will be gone for 10 days.  Sounds fun for them.  To much work for me.  Can you tell I'm getting old......
I stopped at Sonic on my way back up here tonight and got a couple  corn dogs and a Carmel pecan blast.  I think I over ate.  Hope I can sleep tonight.   I hope the work over there is going great for you guys.  I know your doing a terrific job.  Any new companions coming your way?  You are in my prayers every night honey and I hope you have much success in the coming week.  Love you tons and miss you to. 
Love Grandma O.


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