April 9, 2016

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Lorna Oldham

Hope all is well

Hi Dear Elder.  One more week down.  Swish the time is flying by for me.  Not sure if it seems to be going as fast for you however.  Hope all is well in Russia and that you are finding lots of people that you can teach the gospel to.  Oh and be careful on the bench press thing you have set up from an old ironing board.  don't let it crash down.  Funny how genius we can be when we have the right tools to work with huh.  lol
I am glad you trip to Saratov was great for you.  Ill bet the people were very happy to see you to.  How far are you from there now ?   The young woman from our ward that was in Russia on her mission is home now.  She lives over in Phoenix so have not seen her.  I'm sure she would have some great stories to tell.
A pet Snail huh.  That is really strange.  Hope you did not pet it.  They are kind of slimy aren't they.  I seen a thing on TV the other day that they are making something out of the slim they leave when they crawl along.  Cant exactly say what it was though but it was some kind of cosmetic.  Don't think I want to use that one.
I got your  package in the mail about 5 days ago.  Will be interesting to see how long it takes for you to get it this time.  Its not much but hope you will enjoy what I did send.  I wish I could just send a bunch of stuff but one is never sure what customs will keep and what they will let go through. 
What do you have planned for next week, or do you plan your weeks or just  head out onto the streets and start proselyting. We have another missionary in our ward that is heading out Sunday.  He is going to Ohio.  And another young women that will be coming home in 4 months.  seems like she just left.  Guess keeping busy makes the time fly by at least for me. 
I guess it Spring Break in Washington and Andrea and Nate and the two kids are heading for Portland for the long weekend.  Sky is staying home alone because she has to work and has School on Monday.  It will be interesting to see how she will do.  Never stayed alone before over night.  Probably being able to do what you want for a couple days will be nice.  I am waiting for a phone call however. 
Today was the community Garage Sale here and of course I always had good intentions but didn't participate.  I didn't even go around and see what anybody else had.  I like to sleep in so I am usually not up early enough to get any good deals.  My Garage sales are not very productive anyway.  I have lots of junk but think I will just put it in my trunk and take it to DI. 
Deb and Kenna and Blake came over for a bit this morning.  They had stopped at Wendy's and so came here to eat their lunch.  There is a big community over that way that is having a outdoor festival tonight so guess Ill go to that.  Live bands, food, even rides like Farris wheel etc. I wont be riding but ill probably be eating.  
Well honey, ill close for now. May the Lord bless you and Keep you.  Love you tons. 
Bye,Grandma O.  XOXOXO


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