December 6, 2015

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Lorna Oldham

Almost one year

Well kiddo the time is drawing close that you are at your one year mark.  So your halfway through your mission.  I dont know where the time has gone but it sure seems like I was just in Logan saying goodbye to you.  Before we know it you will be home again.  I know that your mission has been a wonderful experience for you to meet all those wonderful people and spread the gospel to them.  And to see some pretty amazing sights along the way.  Some good some not so good?????  But what a great experience it has been for you.  May the Lord bless you and keep you safe as you serve him and finish out the remainder of your calling in Russia.  What a great place to serve.

Just wondering if you have gotten the package yet?  Just let me know when you do and If you do.  I have no way of tracking it once it leaves the USA.  I got you a rain parka, some DVD's that I had here at the house that are about Christ and some furtie pebbles.  So just in cast it never makes it to you at least you know what was in it.  So sorry no surprise.  I did include a handwritten card this time.  I also sent $25.00 to your mom to put in your account for Christmas.  Not sure when she is going to be able to do that.  I would like to do that on a regular basis so that you can have a little extra money if you need it.  Ill find out how to do that this next week.  I know its through a credit union and they have shared banking so I think I can deposit here in Arizona at my credit union and they put it right into your account at Desert First Credit Union.  Ill keep you posted however.

I am busy trying to get all my Christmas stuff taken care of and mailed what I need to mail.  I usually just send Money so it makes it easier for me to do.  When kids start to grow up its hard to find something that they like.  What are your plans for Christmas over there.  Im sure it will be different and I wish i could send you a batch of cookies or a bunch of home made candy but I doubt it would reach you.  Probably get eaten up by customs...HAHA.  Anyway you will be in the USA for next Christmas so Ill plan on doing that then.  I am going to attach a couple pics.  One of my tree and one of my Fireplace Mantle.  It has the clock that you gave me on it.  I really love that clock.  Thank you so much for that.  i will always treasure it.

Well today is Noah's 10th birthday.  That is Andrea's Son. He is sick with the cold stuff today so that is not fun.   And on the 4th of December was Alexis's Birthday who is 6 and on the 16th is Kenna's Birthday and she will be 12.  To many birthdays around Christmas time.  The only one I have a pic of on there birthday is Alexis. Ill attach that to.  She is Jason and Jamies little girl.

Things have been going good here in Arizona.  Of course I have had the cold and cough stuff that everyone is having.  Have had it for about 10 days now.  It is getting a little better now. Not coughing quite so much.  Lots of people are getting Sinus Infections and ear ache with it but so far I have not.  I think Im on the downhill side of it now. 

Well I am signing off for this week honey,  Hope you had a wonderful week last week and that the next week will keep you busy and find you well and happy.  Hope you dont freeze over there.  Its been in the 70's here so cant complain.  Love you tons.

Love Grandma.


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