September 6, 2015

Sent By

Lorna Oldham

From Grandma in Arizona

Hi Elder Oldham.

Well I made it back to Ole Arizona.  I left Wednesday from Logan and stayed over night in St George at my sisters. Then got up and left about 9 am from there and got to Phoenix  right in the middle of rush hour.  What a mess.  I was going 3 Miles per hour.  Took me 2 hours to get though it all on top of a big wind dust and rain storm.  What a welcome home.  Glad to be here however.  It was a fun summer and I really enjoyed my travels and spending time with family but its nice to be in my own bed again.  I do miss them all terribly though. I brought home some good Tomatoes and Corn and Cucumbers and beets right from the Farmers Garden.  Peaches also.  Wish I could send you some.  And I did have a good chicken dinner at Maddox and brought Debbie home her Turkey Burgers from Maddox that she Loves. 

How are things going for you.  It sounds like you are happy over there and that there are some great people mixed in among the rowdy's. I am sure the work is going well for you.  How is the Language coming along.  Pretty good I bet.  Cant believe that you have been out about 9 months.  Time is really flying by.  I guess the weather is pretty nice over there now.  Not to hot and not to cold.  Its still warm here in Arizona but only in the upper 90's which is great for us Arizonians.  Night are beautiful and cool.  Can actually sit outside and enjoy it.  I am still tired from my long drive but I am sure I will get feeling up to  par before long.  I keep looking at my pool and am wondering why I even have it.  I don't think I have been in it for a couple summers because Im gone.  Guess its time to sell and get something smaller.

Just got home from Church and now I am ready for a nap.  Not that it was boring but that I am still recovering from my long drive.  Oh and by the way.  I cant take credit for your bedroom looking so nice.  It was all your Mom.  She did the staging for the house and so she gets all the credit.  I just slept there and kept the bed made.  It was so nice to be able to stay at your house.  Thanks for the use of the room until you get back. 

This is the Labor Day Weekend and I think your Mom and Dad and kids were going to Park City.  I'm sure they will tell you all about it.  Andrea and Nate and Family are coming here for Christmas this year and then we are all going to Disney land.  Deb and Andrea have planned it and they are not telling the kids.  Just getting up Christmas Morning and have them opening the presents which is the trip to Disneyland and then getting in the car and taking off Christmas day..  That should be and interesting day of travel. I mentioned it To Troy and Anita to Join us but not sure what their plans are for Xmas this Year.  He said something about Disney World in Florida.  That would be great to.

Well honey I will close for now and wish Gods blessings on you and your companions that you will be lead to the people that are looking for something more in there life.  I know you have it to offer them.  Take care and I love you lots


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