June 20, 2015

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Lorna Oldham

From Grandma

Hi again:  Hope all is well over there and that you are doing good.  We are all fine up here in Washington.  Summer is upon us but its a little colder here then I feel comfortable with but Arizona is in the 110 area so  glad I am not there. 

The kids are having a Garage Sale today so hope they make some money.  Its the whole community sale so there are quite a few out and about.  We have not gone out there and looked at anything yet but I cant carry anything home so no big deal.

How is the work coming along?  I read on your last letter to all of us that there was two Baptisms.  That's great.  I am sure once they meet you and see what a great guy you are and a great missionary they will know you come from something spiritual.  

Seems like every time I come up here to Washington I usually catch something but have been pretty lucky this time.  Been here almost three weeks and nothing yet.  Andrea has had a bronchitis and had to go to the Doctor and Aubrie has had a cold also but I constantly wash my hands so so far so good.  Hope your staying well.  Wash your hands a lot.  That's what I do.

I also see that you got a package from home.  That's great.  You looked so happy.  I am going to get one off to you also but it might be after I get home.  I'm not even sure where the post office is here but if I can I will and if not it will be when I get back to Arizona.  You got the one from Mom and Dad pretty fast.  That girl I was telling you about still has not gotten her package.  Bummer and it has been more then a couple  months. 

Well honey,. I will close for  now and wish you the best in all you do.  Love you tons and keep up the good work.  Sounds like your happy and loving what your doing so that is great.

just attaching a few pics for you to look at. Probably seen them before but its fun to look back.

Love grandma.


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