May 17, 2015

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Lorna Oldham

Grandma Here

Hi again Elder Oldham:  It was so great to hear you voice and see you on your visit with you Mom and Dad.  They sent me a copy and I have watched it a couple times. I loved watching your smile and laugh.  Makes me think you not far away.   Sounds like your being transferred or have already been transferred to new area and new companion.  Hope all is going well.  Time to readjust again but another new area to explore. 

Our Missionaries in our ward are being transferred to another ward today and so we wont see them around anymore.  Sad to see them go.  They were great guys.  One of them will be going home in 6 weeks so he wont be in his new place for long.  We will miss them.  They are going to assign new one but not just to our ward they will be covering several wards this time.  Don't know when we will get to see them.  Soon i hope.  Do you ever get invited to Members houses for meals or do you have to always get your own?

Well the school year here is Az in coming to a close.  Last day is this week.  Cant believe it has gone by so fast.  Aleck will be going into Middle School and Sky   will be graduating from High School.  She had bought her her first car and its a cute one. she loves it.  Says she feels free.  Its a 2006 Honda Civic. Ill attach a pic at the end of this letter.  She is excited.   School prom next week and they get out of school  toward the end of June.  Graduation is on the 12th of June.  It will be fun to be there for that.  Im looking forward to it.

Hey I understand when you are busy its hard to write a lot so please dont worry about that. 

I went to Kennedys Dance Recital last night and it was really a great production.  She at a new Dance studio and its really so much better then the old one.  She loves it.  Deb and Dean are going up to St George to spend a couple days with grandpa Ray.  He is thinking about moving to Logan some time. 

I have been doing pretty good.  Went to have my eye exam the other day and im still 20/20 so guess I cant complain about that.  Just need readers for really little type stuff but so does everybody when they get old.  HAHA. 

well honey.  Take care of yourself and if you get a minute include you mailing address in your letter some time.  And your new companions name also.  If you want to look at the little website I set up its right at this link.
<a href=""></a>.  Its kind of fun to have our correspondence in one place.  Mom and Dad could set one up to if they wanted to store all your stuff you send them .  It can be made personal so no one else can see it.  I have mine set to family only..  In case you  need a password etc to get into it its <a href=""></a> and the password is sage1234.  Love you kiddo.  Your at the 5 month mark.  Prayers coming your way every night. 

Love From Grandma Oldham


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