April 11, 2015

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Lorna Oldham

From G-MA Oldham

Hi honey,  Hope you week has been a good one.  I guess you always keep busy dont you.  I had the Missionaries from our ward come over yesterday and trim some bushes for me and then they sat outside on the Lawn Swing and I gave them lunch.  They are great Kids.   One from Logan and one from Nephi so it was kind of like old home week.

I guess this was the weekend you got to watch Gen. Conference.  Pretty interesting.  Hope you got to hear it in English. 

Thanks for all the Great pictures you send with some of your Emails.  Its fun to see you and your companion and the countryside and statues and all that stuff. 

A cousin from California has been visiting with us for a day or so.  She is staying over at Debs.  She is 19 and is going to Jr. College and working.  Her name if Tiffany and her Mom Lori died a couple years ago with Cancer so she has had quite a struggle to go through but she is doing great now.  Its on Grandpa Rays side of the family.  I dont know if you remember Lori Ocken that came up to your house to visit once but it was a while ago so you  may not remember.  It is her Daughter that is visiting.  Tiff is a cute friendly girl and seems to have her head on straight. 

Well the weather here in Arizona is still really nice.  Little cloudy today but just right as far as temp.  In the 80's in the day and the 60's in the nights so just perfect. 

I dont know if I told you but I had a swarm of bee's in my Orange tree.  They had a big hive and tons of bees.  My neighbor called his pest control guy because he did not know where all the bees were coming from.  His son climbed up to look under his eves and he turned around a glanced over at my orange tree and saw it.  So $100.00 later I was free of bees.  Andrea and I was picking oranges up in that tree the day before and did not notice them.  Hope no more show up in such large numbers again.  If so i think ill call a bee keeper instead of having them all killed.  We need honey.....

I still keep contemplating on having a garage sale but that takes a lot of preparation and I just don't feel up to it right now.  Guess ill just keep putting stuff in the garage until I get that spurt of energy.

Well take care my dear Grand Son and don't work to hard.  I hope it will soon be getting warmer for you over there.  Lots of luck with your teachings and my prayers go with you where ever you go.  I look forward to hearing from you.  It kind of keeps me close to you.

Lots of Love coming your way

Grandma Oldham


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