January 28, 2015

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Lorna Oldham

Just stuff from Grandma

Date: Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 1:24 PM

Subject: Just stuff from Grandma

Hi Honey,  Mom forwarded your letter and its great to hear form you.  Ill bet the food there is probably getting old.  Probably like the School Cafeteria stuff right?  You will be tasting lots of different stuff when you get to you destination in February.  Sounds like its time for some more Fruity Pebbles. 

The  new MTC sounds like it will be beautiful.  Probably a good experience for you to be a little involved with its planing stages.  That is a lot of Missionaries to be in one place. 

As soon as you get to Russia Ill send you the name of the Sister that is in our ward that is serving there now.  she is loving it.  I don't think she is in  the same area that you will be in though.  Ill bet you are excited to get on your way. It wont be long now. 

You are right about some big football game this weekend.  Its the SuperBowl.  Between the Seahawks and the Colts.  And its being held here in Phoenix at the Cardinals new Stadium,.so there is lots of stuff going on.  It is also the Phoenix open for Golf this week and Tiger woods and Phil Mickelson and lots of famous players are here so its going to be crazy down town.  Me however , I am not going anywhere near it.  It looks so fun but I am sure the parking would be crazy.  The game would be great to go to but the cheapest tickets are $2500.00.  Way out of my range.  But I hope the Seahawks win. And i will be watching it.

Andrea and the kids are coming down on the 11th of February for a couple weeks so that will be fun to visit with them. They are looking forward to getting in on some Sunshine.  I cant wait to see them.  Its been a while. 

Well take care of yourself honey.  You look great in the Pics that you send.  Love you tons and hang in there.  May God bless you in all you do.  I know you will be a great Missionary. 
 Love you.

from Grandma....


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