January 28, 2015


Provo Utah MTC


FW: Week six

Date: Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 11:28 AM
Subject: FW: Week six

I have no creativity, I will try harder out in the field I promise.
All the food has started to taste the same.  Its all just food now. Alot of older missionaries who are already gone said the last few weeks here in the MTC tend to be the hardest, because you start to get lazy and frustrated. Frustrated that you aren't teaching real people. Im going to try my best to avoid these things but Its hard, the MTC is a little monotonous. 
Hope the outside world is cool. I think there is like some type of big football game this week? idk. They had my district test out these classrooms for the next MTC they are going to build. This thing is going to be massive! Around 6,500 missionary capacity and its some of the most beautiful architecture I have ever seen. We were like a focus group answering questions about colors and the lighting of the room, ect. kinda cool. The man told us the cost of it all. The first presidency see cost in terms of how many full size temples they could build with the money. This new MTC will cost 30 temples. Pretty crazy right? It is going to be one of the most modern, beautiful areas in provo. I guess it shows the 1st Presidency has faith in us, which is good. 
Love you all, I have always been blessed with awesome people in my life and I can see that now more than ever. Thank you all for the emails they really help! 
Elder Oldham


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