January 14, 2015


Provo Utah MTC


FW: Week 4

Date: Wed, Jan 14, 2015 at 7:26 PM
Subject: FW: Week 4

Hey y'all,
We have a missionary in our district from Texas who says this all the time. And since we can't say guys (no slang), it has started to stick. Well I'm about, 1/24th of the way through my mission, but who is counting right?  Every Single One of us! haha.  We love the MTC a ton, but we are all desperate to get out into the field, and actually teach real people.
We had Elder Nelson come and speak to us this last Tuesday which was awesome. They are switching up the MTC presidency which has been in place for like 5 years, so its a pretty big deal. Elder Nelson is such an awesome man. He just came up to the pulpit and smiled until we all just start smiling. He talked a lot about being a successful missionary. The main point was that no matter how many people you convert as long as you convert yourself, than you had a successful mission. I've heard that before, but it really makes since now. I have changed so much in these short 4 weeks. I'm slowly going through my own personal steps of conversion, just like the investigators we will teach. 
A district just barely left. But before they went, They performed a ritual which has been passed down in our zone for at least 5 months, which is ancient in MTC time. I included pics below.
I miss all of you so much and love hearing from you! Gonna try and be better about writing funny stories in here because I reread this and almost fell asleep haha. Talk to y'all next week!
1) Our regular weekly MTC schedule.    

2) An elder Wearing the armor of god    

3) Ancient MTC ritual of The knight of god defeating sin.    

4) "There will be nerf wars and rumors of nerf wars."    


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