December 26, 2014


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FW: First Week

Date: Fri, Dec 26, 2014 at 9:15 AM
Subject: FW: First Week
To: Aleece Skeem <<a href=""></a>>, Alex Reed <<a href=""></a>>, Angela Anderson <<a href=""></a>>, Arthur Wardle <<a href=""></a>>, Ashley Burt <<a href=""></a>>, Bart Mumford <<a href=""></a>>, Bert Israelsen <<a href=""></a>>, Bethany Mumford <<a href=""></a>>, Blair Mumford <<a href=""></a>>, Brenton Mumford <<a href=""></a>>, Brock Balling <<a href=""></a>>, Brooke Davis <<a href=""></a>>, Bruce Mumford <<a href=""></a>>, Caden Didericksen <<a href=""></a>>, Carson Gray <<a href=""></a>>, Chelsea Mumford <<a href=""></a>>, Clint Davis <<a href=""></a>>, Collin Heaps <<a href=""></a>>, Dakota Oldham <<a href=""></a>>, Dale & Janna Empey <<a href=""></a>>, Dallen Broadbent <<a href=""></a>>, David Mumford <<a href=""></a>>, Demi Oldham <<a href=""></a>>, Denise Iverson <<a href=""></a>>, Derek Stokes <<a href=""></a>>, Devan Skeem <<a href=""></a>>, Diana Cannell <<a href=""></a>>, Elizabeth Empey <<a href=""></a>>, Greg Carlen <<a href=""></a>>, Heather Jensen <<a href=""></a>>, "<a href=""></a>" <<a href=""></a>>, Ian Clark <<a href=""></a>>, Jaxon <<a href=""></a>>, Jeri Wyn Mumford <<a href=""></a>>, John & Carole Burt <<a href=""></a>>, Joshua Nieman <<a href=""></a>>, Karen Mumford <<a href=""></a>>, Kaylee Mumford <<a href=""></a>>, Kurtis Jewkes <<a href=""></a>>, Kyle Andrus <<a href=""></a>>, Kyle Petersen <<a href=""></a>>, Lori Carlen <<a href=""></a>>, Lorna Oldham <<a href=""></a>>, Maddie Day <<a href=""></a>>, Madison Mumford <<a href=""></a>>, Margaret & Keith Empey <<a href=""></a>>, Mark Allred <<a href=""></a>>, Marshall Day <<a href=""></a>>, Megan Hall <<a href=""></a>>, Michelle Wolfenbarger <<a href=""></a>>, Mindy Didericksen <<a href=""></a>>, Miranda Haderslie <<a href=""></a>>, Mitch Coombs <<a href=""></a>>, Parker Jenks <<a href=""></a>>, Philip Cannell <<a href=""></a>>, Riley Anderson <<a href=""></a>>, Robert & Cindy Burt <<a href=""></a>>, Robert & Julie Nieman <<a href=""></a>>, Rylan Hellstern <<a href=""></a>>, Rylee Skeem <<a href=""></a>>, Sharlee Stokes <<a href=""></a>>, Sherri Petersen <<a href=""></a>>, Shiloah Kline <<a href=""></a>>, "<a href=""></a>" <<a href=""></a>>, Teena Palfreyman <<a href=""></a>>, Teresa Israelsen <<a href=""></a>>, Todd Wolfenbarger <<a href=""></a>>, Trey Bushman <<a href=""></a>>, "<a href=""></a>" <<a href=""></a>>, Whitney Mumford <<a href=""></a>>
Cc: Drake Oldham <<a href=""></a>>

Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2014 11:04:22 -0700
Subject: First Week
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Mom can you get this to everyone including send it to me so I can have everyones individual email address? Thanks!
Man I really miss all you guys! My first week at the MTC was good. The first day is actually really cool, you sing and speak in nothing but russian to you so your mind doesn't have time to wander. That first night isn't as great. When it all slowed down all you did was stare at the bunk above you and think about your family. Homesickness is like a rollercoaster here. its helped a lot by the older guys who know what we are going through and talk us through it.
Actually its weird how many different emotions you can feel in a day. When you put, I think there is about 1200, kids in a room for these devotionals you see a lot of emotion. We were watching a Elder Bednar talk about christ behavior and I just felt tears running down my face. It really is an amazing place to feel the spirit, but its really boring too. We are broken up into districts, and branches. My district has nine elders, which I guess is like crazy big for the MTC. We have one Russian elder whose mom taught him growing up and its really hard not to compare yourself to him because he just starts having conversations with the teacher and we just stare at them haha. They had us teach an investigator the second day we were there IN russian. It was a train wreck and a half. But every single day we go back and teach her in broken russian and we are actually getting a little better. 
My companions name is Elder Call. He hails from Idaho and played both Rugby and Football so that really cool. We are getting better at teaching but we are very different people and don't always get along which is probably more me than him haha. I'll keep trying though, he is a good guy.

I feel so blessed to have all of you reading this in my life. It makes it a lot easier knowing i have such an awesome support group back home. Grandma everyone loved the glow in the dark stars! Put those on my ceiling immediately and i feel like i'm 8 but in a good way haha. The ward sent me some christmas decorations which was an awesome surprise! Megan, I get about a thousand complement a day on your gift. Thanks a ton for making me look cool. I love all the candy i've been sent, we all share it with each other and it really feels like christmas here. 
I love you all and keep you in my prayers, thanks so much for everything!  
P.S.  I promise to send photos next week.
Elder Oldham


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