March 21, 2016


Dallas Oregon


Elder Thompson

Elder Thompson is being transferred

So the big thing this week is that Elder Thompson is getting transferred tomorrow! I'm pretty sad he's leaving, because we work together so well. So this next week is going to be a lot change, but at least I'll still be here in wonderful Dallas, OR.

This week was a busy full week it felt like. We taught seminary all this week and that was a blast. The youth in Dallas are awesome. We taught about Esther and Job, which I had never read before, but it still went well. On Tuesday we taught a Jehovah's Witness. That was a pretty interesting discussion we had. We went in with the plan of teach him the restoration like normal, but after 30 seconds the whole game changed. We sat and went back on forth on so many things for about an hour and half. At the end I asked him how he knew what he believed was true. He didn't really answer the question, so I asked again. He once again beat around the bush and didn't answer. So then I asked more direct and clear how he knew that what he knew and believed was true. I then bore my testimony how I knew what we taught today was true and he could find out for himself. The spirit was so strong. He just sat and listened, not saying a word. Elder Thompson said after he felt the spirit as well and it was so powerful. But the guy still said no and wouldn't believe it. But I know what I felt, and more importantly what he felt. I was pretty frustrated leaving the lesson, but it was a great experience.

On Wednesday we had the iPad training meeting again up in Newberg. They're going to take all the missionaries one companionship at a time from each zone and redo the training, and we got picked first. That was super good and I loved it. It's always great to hear president speak. I got to drive home while Elder Thompson took a nap, and I totally got lost and dropped us off somewhere in West Salem instead of Dallas. But after an extra 30 minutes we made it home. Then we taught back to back to back lessons! We taught two less active members, and then Jacob who's a total stud. We invited him to be baptized this lesson, but he said he still wants to learn more before he says yes. But he's totally getting dunked pretty soon here.

On Thursday Elder Thompson went to the dentist because he had a bad toothache all week. He had cracked and super decayed tooth, so that took like two hours. I felt pretty bad for the guy. He's good now, but was pretty numbed up for the majority of the day. We tried contacting a lot of less actives this day, but did not see a lot of success. Friday was a jam packed day. We had ZTM in the morning and that was amazing as usual. The importance of members is huge and it's getting stressed more and more. After that we made a trip out to Pedee Oregon, population 30. We found a really awesome potential, but turns out Pedee is out of our area. Darn. We thought it was in our area, and heard from someone it was, but it's not. Darn.

On Saturday we helped some members for about two hours get rid of chunk of a pond they had...there are 3 ponds on their land, an upper pond which drains to a middle pond, which drains to a lower pond. We took out the uppermost pond. Later that day we had a mini split with the Perrydale Elder's for two hours. I was with the district leader, Elder Timmins. He's an awesome guy. We tracted and got a lot of grumpy no's. Then we went to a wedding reception for a member of our ward. They had some great food. It was awesome. That night we learned that Elder Thompson is getting transferred. Our next door neighbors, the Cooper Hollow elders, are getting white washed. (both leaving for new areas and will be replaced by either Sisters or new Elders.) We think they'll be bringing in Sisters. So lots of change here in Dallas. On Sunday we went around to all the people Elder Thompson wanted to say goodbye to all day. He made a big impact in this area, and I hope I can do the same.

I love you all! Have an awesome week! The church is definitely true!

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