February 1, 2016


Dallas Oregon


Elder Thompson

Scatter Sunshine

This week was a little less exciting because we had a TON of meetings. But it was still awesome!

On Tuesday we had lunch with Terry at this awesome pizza buffet over in West Salem. It was super good. Then we spent the rest of the day at interview's with President Samuelian. Our district was there and had a good training by the Zone Leaders and Sister Samuelian. Obedience brings blessings!

On Wednesday we did lots of service at our usual places. We spent some time out at the Falls City trailer park. That place is scary. People live in these tiny, very run down trailers, and basically do drugs all day. It's a scary place. There was a huge meth bust there and everyone smokes marijuana. It's a blast. It's always fun stopping by there.

On Thursday we were in Newberg all day for my iPad training. President and Sister Samuelian gave awesome training's on that. And now I have my iPad! I'm super excited! It's weird using the thing as just a proselyting tool, but I'm figuring it out.

On Friday I was on an exchange with Elder Kruyer. He's from Las Vegas and loves comic books. We went tracting and that was about as unsuccessful as you can get. A lot of doors shut in our face. I almost hit a deer driving too. That was scary. Stupid thing.

On Saturday we spent a lot of the day helping a widowed lady in our ward named Sister Monnier. She lives out as far in the mountains as you can get. It's a bunch of windy dirt roads and a TON of no trespassing signs and then you get to her house. She's the nicest lady though and lives on a huge farm. She always has lots of work to do everyday. She took us too an amazing mexican restaurant for lunch call Mira-Mar. Super good!

That was about it for this week! Lots of trainings and meetings. I look forward to next week! It should be an awesome week!

Elder Holt

Photos: and a (gross) mummified cat at Sister Monnier's farm. Sheesh.


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