February 22, 2016


Dallas Oregon


Elder Thompson

Make my video go viral!

Ok so real quick. That video of Elder Thompson, Lieske, Combs, and I lip syncing to a Nashville Tribute song apparently is exploding on Facebook. It got about 10,000 views and 150 shares in 48 hours. So go check it out! I'm sure you've all already seen it, but go watch it again! Make it go viral!

Anyway this week was another great week! On Tuesday we got a haircut and man, it wasn't great clips. It was a free haircut, let's just leave it at that. So after that we were driving home to fix up our haircuts, when Elder Thompson said "uh oh." His filling was falling out so he went to the dentist right away. It was pretty funny, because he went into panic mode. We scheduled a return appointment, and that was the highlight of that day. The next morning we got Elder Thompson's filling replaced and so his mouth was numb for about 6 more hours. That was interesting! We taught Chaz and Allie again this week and it was so awesome! Allie is getting baptized soon, I know it, we just need to set a date. The lesson was great.

On Thursday night I learned how to replace a brake light on a car! It's super easy! There's a member in our ward who had a light out forever so we helped out. Elder Thompson is super good with that stuff. That was pretty cool. On Friday we had Zone Training Meeting and that was awesome. We learned about the importance of finding through members, and teaching with members. Our zone leaders our so awesome and so good. That day didn't go as planned, because we planned out our day and then basically went 0/8 for trying to contact people. We did about 6 hours of stuff in 30 minutes. We kept busy and just tried contacting more people for the rest of the day.

On Saturday we tried doing service, but it definitely didn't work at all. Everyone said no, so that was stinky. We helped someone move, so that was awesome, the only problem is, he was the only reliable missionary haircut guy in Dallas. So now we have to find someone new, and not the person we tried out this last week. That was a one time only deal.

So that was the week. Pretty fun and lots of stuff done, and we have even more to do next week! I love you all!

Elder Holt


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