February 29, 2016


Dallas Oregon


Elder Thompson

The smell of the broken freezer

This week was a little weird, but still good! We had a lot of people say no this week, which is dumb. On Tuesday we went street contacting for about an hour. We have this awesome route we take, which starts on Main Street, then goes down by the Dallas Park. That park is HUGE and full of people. It was frisbee golf course, which is hopefully what we'll be doing later this pday. But anyway, we talked to a ton of people, but got a ton of no's. There was one old guy that were walking towards and as he got closer, he full out ran past us, then started walking again as soon as he had passed us. Awesome. It was pretty funny. That night we helped out in a Methodist church giving out free meals in Falls City. It was awesome. We served about 160 meals. I got really good at putting meatloaf in a box.

On Wednesday we were out tracting and we got a pretty aggressive no. An old guy answered the door and said we didn't need to talk and walked away. So I started walking away (the guy was pretty mad clearly), but Elder Thompson stayed and kept trying to talk. That guy got pretty stinking mad. Elder Thompson loves to provoke people, and I just kind of sit back and enjoy the ride. It's fun.

Thursday we had zone conference all day. That was amazing! President Samuelian and Sister Samuelian are so good. They talked about the atonement a lot and lots of good ways to invite people to commit to things. It was a really cool, spirit filled meeting.

We taught a less active, part member family on Friday! It went super well, and we're hoping to get two or three new investigators out of it. There is a kid who I think is 12 named Jacob who seems like he wants to learn more. He's a stud.

Friday and Saturday we helped a member in our ward, Sister Uri, with a bunch of stuff. We helped her fix a shed that had collapsed, helped fix and move her back deck, and cleaned out her backyard. She had this freezer that was in the shed that broke four years ago, and had a ton of meat in it. Nothing can describe the smells I smelled. We made the mistake of burning it too. I almost threw up. It was so disgusting. There was also boat that her ex-husband dumped in her backyard, and she had no way to move it. So we broke it down as much as we could and burned it also. That was a lot of fun, and pretty stress relieving.

So it's been a good week! I love you all so much, and I know your Heavenly Father loves you and knows you! Thanks for all your support!

Elder Holt


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