March 8, 2016


Dallas Oregon


Elder Thompson

The Watermelon

So this week was another great week here in Dallas!

Lately we've been noticing a weird smell in our apartment. It was right when we walked in, and it was very gross. We tried solving the problem with febreeze, and it was a great short term solution, but every day this week it stunk. To be continued...

On Tuesday we helped a family move, then that night I got to play horn at a relief society event our ward was having. It was awesome and I was so happy I got to play a horn again. I just played a bunch of hymns so it wasn't that bad. On Wednesday we taught two lessons. The first lesson we talked to the less active member (we're teaching his girlfriend who wasn't there) for a long time. He loves to talk. He had his leg amputated about a year ago and he has the best attitude about it and talks about how God knew and loved him enough for that to happen. It's awesome talking to him. The other lesson we taught went really good as well. There's so many people there and it's a mixed part member group, so we're not entirely sure who's a member and who's not. But it's great for everyone there!

We have a great street contacting route we found a couple of weeks back, so on Thursday we tried that out. Everyone is so funny. As soon as we get close they cross the street or head the other direction. It's quite entertaining. We talked to a few people, but they all weren't interested. The route goes through the Dallas park and that place is awesome. It's huge and has a river running though the middle of it. It's so peaceful, and full of people who don't want to talk to missionaries. That night we had dinner with a guy named John. Missionaries have been helping him build and remodel his house for about a year now, but he's not super interested in learning. But we totally got him to pray before dinner! It was super funny, but a prayer nonetheless. That was awesome.

Friday after district meeting we went to a restaurant called Washington Street for lunch. The have a 1 lb burger called The Logger and that thing is flipping huge. And I finished the whole thing. It was not even that good, but now I can say I finished The Logger. (I'll never do it again.) On Saturday we went to Brother Clift's funeral in the morning, who was a member in our ward. That was sad. He was such a Christlike guy. The whole chapel and gym was filled, not an empty seat. We visited him in the hospital about a month ago and he didn't look good at all, but still the first thing he said to us was that he loved us, and asked if we were doing ok. He was amazing. After the funeral we helped set up tables for lunch, had lunch there, then took it all down. After we went over and helped John on his house some more. John is so cool.

So.....the watermelon. We got home from church on Sunday and it stunk. We decided after a week of febreeze, we needed to find the problem. On Wednesday we thought it was some food on the fridge, on Thursday we thought it was the garbage can, on Friday we thought it was the sink, but it still smelled so bad after we took care of those things. So we opened every cupboard and looked, and then we found it. A rotting, STINKY, 6 month old watermelon. (put there by missionaries who were in the apartment before us) We cleaned it up after a ton of gagging from us both. But now our apartment is clean now! And smells good!

I love you all. You all are awesome. I know this church is true and that the gospel can change lives!

Elder Holt


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