March 14, 2016


Dallas Oregon


Elder Thompson

My shoe sprung a leak

This week we an awesome, super great week! It started out with an exchange with Elder Giddings on Tuesday here in Dallas. That was a ton of fun, and we had such a good busy day, even though it rained all day. We tracted for about two hours with a youth in our ward named Connor, who has his call to the Latvia mission. That was a lot of fun. Except my right shoe sprung a leak, so that was not fun. My sock was soaked, so we had to go and change my shoes out. We tried to contact a referral on the Falls City trailer park and that was scary. We wound up knocking on three different trailers and then the referral wasn't even real. Everyone is so defensive and mean. Elder Giddings made us say like three prayers before we got out of the car. It was funny.

On Wednesday we had our two regular lessons with Chaz and The Stamy's. They went great! We're teaching more and more each week and I love it. It keeps us busy and really helps me grow. On Thursday this week we did service all day. We helped someone move in the morning and they gave us deer meat for helping. I still haven't tried it, so stay tuned. Then we weeded out a garden for the Bakers for about two hours. I'm still learning how to love weeding haha. Then we headed to Falls City and helped an old guy named Joseph Smith (no joke) clean out his chicken coop and clean up some leaves. He's a nice guy who's coming around to the church.

On Friday we had a lot of meetings. In place of district meeting I went with Elder Combs in the next ward over to give service, because his companion and my companion were both giving trainings at district meeting. So that was awesome! The lady we helped has about 30 huge rabbits. She grows their hair out and makes yarn out of them or something. It's awesome. Then we had a meeting with the the zone leaders, and then the Dallas elders, and then it was dinner. The bishop and his wife took us and a few other members of the ward to dinner at a Chinese sea food buffet. It was good, and gross. Depends on the food. That was a lot of fun though.

Then on Saturday we had an awesome time tracting. We talked to so many people, and got a bunch of potential investigators! It was sweet and a lot of fun. It rained hard and I got soaked. It rained this whole week it felt like. That was the big highlight of the day besides trying to contact a bunch of people.

I love you all and thank you for all the support. Have a great week!!!

Elder Holt


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