February 15, 2016


Dallas Oregon


Elder Thompson

First Baptism

Things are good with Elder Holt. Everything he does is pretty much fun or super fun. EVERYTHING. haha.

Hello everyone! This week was awesome!

On Tuesday we had a split kind of... Elder Lieske assigned to Cooper Hollow was sick, and someone needed help moving. So Elder Thompson stayed with Elder Lieske and Elder Combs and I went and helped move for about 4 hours. It was crazy. It smelled so strong of cigarette smoke I though was going to die. But it was still fun. Then we went and visited a super nice family the other Elders are working with. After that we helped Sister Uri put up a life size Goliath (made of paper) on the wall at the church. That was super fun. Wednesday we had a great lesson with one of our less active members and his girlfriend. His name is Chazz and he has his leg amputated almost a year ago. He got a very rare flesh eating disease, and they eventually couldn't save the leg. He said he got a blessing from the missionaries in California at the time, and it really helped. He said he handled the whole situation much better than he normally would
have, and he felt OK about it all. He said after that whole thing, he felt like he should go back to church and stuff. His girlfriend, Allie, has never really had religion in her life before, and wants to learn. She loves going to church. It's awesome! The goal is to get Chazz the priesthood so he can baptize Allie. Woo hoo!

On Friday we ate our bishop's house. They have some awesome chickens
that will sit on your arm. (see picture below) We went to our ward valentines party after dinner. No one showed up, and I felt bad. It looked nice, and we showed up and basically helped take it down. Yup.

Saturday was the baptism of Jaden and Jamie! We tracted in the morning
and our investigator didn't show up for our lesson. Darn. So we started getting stuff ready for the baptism. The font takes sooo long to fill up. The baptism was awesome though. The girls were so excited and nervous. They were so happy afterwards. So at two months I have two baptisms! Let's keep it up haha!

That's about it for this week. It was an awesome week and I'm excited for next week. Thank you for all your prayers and support!

Elder Holt


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