January 18, 2016


Dallas Oregon


Elder Thompson

Service in Dallas OR

This week has been awesome! We got a bunch of rain which I love. We did more service this week. There's lots of service to be done here, and that's how the successful missionaries in the past have been successful in this area. All the members of our ward won't stop talking about Elder Young, who was here about 6 months ago now. He served in Dallas for 9 months, and all he did was service. And he talked to tons of people because of it, so that's what we're trying to do.

A place that all the Dallas missionaries do service at on Wednesday's is at this super ghetto food bank called Gleaners. They basically take all this super old food and then hand it out to people who need it. It's so gross though. And super sketchy. All the people who work there steal all the good stuff and smoke weed in the back on their break. It's awesome. Apparently missionaries have been going over there for years, so we just keep going every week. So that's fun. After that, we had lunch at our place with Elder Lieske and Elder Combs. We were messing around on our pull up bar we have, and then Elder Lieske passed out while on the bar, and hit his head super hard on our tile. His head started bleeding, so Elder Thompson went into panic mode and dragged him into the car before we even realized what was going on. Poor Elder Lieske got a pretty good concussion and 4 staples in his head. He's doing well now. Pretty crazy! While he was in the hospital with Elder Combs, we went out tracting and talked to a ton of people. That was super fun. We set up a few return appointments for this week.

Oh yeah I also tried eggs! AND THEY ARE SO FREAKING GOOD. We had a breakfast for dinner at a members house and I just took a deep breath and started eating them. My goodness. They. Are. Amazing.

We missed last weeks lesson with Kori, and we've been trying to get a hold of her throughout the week without any success. On Saturday we left a note on her door just to be safe, and then we waited at the church for her, but she didn't show up again. That was a huge bummer. The next day at church though, she was there! She loved church and then even went with a member to a single adults fireside thing in Salem that night. Also a recent convert named Leah was at church for the first time in like four months too, so that was awesome as well. It was a good day for church. That night we went and taught Jaden and Jamie again and they are so ready to be baptized it's not even funny. We ask them questions and they freaking teach me with their answers! So good news! Their dad and mom were both in the same room and we asked if February 6th would work for baptism and they said yes! That's super exciting. We should have back to back weeks of baptisms. So awesome! That's about all that happened this week. We're looking for more service opportunities, so I'm excited for that. Thank you all so much for you love and support! The church is so true!!!!!!

Elder Holt

1. Elder Holt with the bags of leaves raked from ONE HOUSE last week.
2. Elder Holt with a piece of artwork that shows the history of Polk County, Oregon and Dallas, Oregon.


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