December 28, 2015


Dallas Oregon


Elder Thompson

Merry Christmas

Family and Friends,

Merry Christmas! Thank you all for your love, support, and prayers. I am now out of the hospital and feeling much better. It's been kind of a crazy week.

I was released from the hospital on Wednesday, and I tried to take it as easy as possible. We ate lunch at a members home and then we came home and just rested at the apartment. Then on Thursday it was much of the same. Except we were out of toilet paper. So we made a quick trip to the store, and that was basically my day. Super exciting I know!

Then it was Christmas! We headed over to a members home, the Uri's, and had Christmas there. I actually got tons of stuff and it was so cool! I got gifts from my family, which was so awesome, Sister Uri, Elder Thompson's family, and the ward. It was great. I got tons of hand sanitizer and hot chocolate. I also got a freaking amazing helicopter from Mom, and it is so fun! We fly it all around our apartment. I got like three ties too. They are super duper. It was so cool to see and talk to my family too! Apparently Utah has TONS of snow, and I'm so jealous. It rains like every freaking day here. I have not seen dry ground since I got here. It's also way foggy everywhere, which I think is way awesome. So basically, Christmas was AWESOME. We had dinner at the Schetzels, and they're super nice and sent us home with two pies. Yup.

The next day we had our first lesson ever with Kori. And guess what? We set a date for baptism the first lesson! So cool! The lesson went really well. We had Elder Combs and Elder Lieske over as well, because we need at least one other member there to teach Kori. But yeah, the lesson went great. The spirit was super strong. Kori asked a ton of questions the first lesson, so we're excited to continue teaching her.

That's all for this week! I'm excited to finally have a normal week again and to be healthy. I love you all!

Family and Friends,
Elder Holt


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