December 10, 2015


Provo MTC


Elder Folkersen


Hello dearest family and friends!

So this week has been CRAZY. I'll try to share as much as I can.

So on Monday we started teaching our TRC investigator, Dennis. (this is someone who just role plays being an investigator if you don't know). So Dennis was kind of old and was a Catholic but had some falling away from that church recently. He was accepting of the restoration and the Book of Mormon, but had questions about Joseph Smith. He did commit to read the Book of Mormon though, and that was great! On Tuesday we continued to teach him more about the restoration and the plan of salvation. He showed great progression and it was awesome. Then Wednesday we invited him to be baptized, and he didn't commit, but he said he think and pray about it more. Then on Thursday, our last lesson with him, he shared an experience. He said he read in Enos, and decided he needed to pray. So he had been praying for about a half hour, when he said he saw the words and numbers DC 35 17. That was crazy because we hadn't even mentioned the Doctrine and Covenants to him. He said he went over to his neighbors house and his neighbor read it to him (who was a mormon), and then he said he wanted to be baptized. It was such an AWESOME experience for us, and really helped me. Teaching really isn't that hard I learned.

So that was awesome. We did have another investigator we are teaching. It's our teacher role playing an investigator named Ivan. Ivan doesn't have any belief in God or religion, and really doesn't know his purpose in life. That was so so so hard to teach him. Anyway, long story short, we felt impressed that we should ask him to be baptized on the third lesson, and he surprisingly said yes. That was so great. I can really see his progression, lesson to lesson and it's incredible.

Last night we taught a less active member who had served a mission 7 years before, but fell away about 5 years ago. That was really sad, and hard. It was so sad to me that he had known of the Gospel, and more importantly that his Heavenly Father loved him. He just shared with us that he didn't know if God was real anymore, and it was so sad. If I was super emotional, I would have been crying during that lesson. It was hard. But the lesson went well, and said he felt like reading the Book of Mormon again was something he needed to do.

Anyway, my MTC experience is almost over. Which is crazy to me. I talked to Elders and Sisters yesterday during our "in-field orientation" yesterday who had been here 9 weeks. Then I say I've been here 1 week and three days, and that seems not fair. I don't know if I feel super comfortable going out to the field, but I know it's time for me to go. Also, the food has been pretty great.

I know that this is the true church! My experience here has helped me personally come unto Christ more, and really strengthened my faith, and testimony. It's been an amazing experience. I do feel like I've been spiritually fire hosed in the face, and I'm not sure exactly what I'll remember out in the field, but It's been awesome. I love you all!

Elder Holt


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