February 11, 2019


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Not sure what to write here

Transfer 5 week 3かも?
Yoooooooosh! What's up???? Not much going on in Hanayashiki 😅 classic me. This email is mostly just to tell you I'm not dead... and I'm not dead!
Not sure what I did this week. But we finally found people that are interested!!!!! When talking to one guy at McDonald's, I showed him a little flyer with questions about the purpose of life. He said hes been looking for the answers for years. I told him we had the answers and we set up an appointment, and I also cried because it's the first person I've successfully found since I was in Sekime 🙃
Here's something really cool I learned recently!
I was reading in the Come, Follow Me book thing and one sentence really stuck out to me: Is there anything that might prevent you from fully accepting Christ as your personal Savior? There have been so many times recently where I thought about how it must have been easy for Jesus Christ. Of course he could walk on water, he knew he was the Son of God. Of course it was easy for him to raise Lazarus from the dead, after all, he had a perfect knowledge of his nature as God's only begotten. When he was atoning for our sins in the garden, or getting crucified on the cross, it was incredibly easy for him because he was the son of the most powerful being in the universe.
I mean obviously I was way way wrong! Those weren't easy things! Jesus Christ's life was so much harder than anybody's who has ever walked on this planet. But, he performed all those miracles anyways, and so can we. I've been praying a lot to have the kind of belief in Christ where I could walk on the water, even if only for a second, because through Jesus Christ, we can do ANYTHING!
Love you guys! Sorry I suck at emails 😅
オリバー 長老
Pics:No idea what order they're in :)Mochitsuki - basically just hammered rice until it was dough!Koukan! Me and the Asian guy (Elder Foster) getting ramen.Dinner with Hikari-kun! He's our ward mission leader and kind of looks like a frog. But a really cute frog 😂Massively hill I biked up. It doesn't look as bad as it was 😩


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