January 28, 2019


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Uh... sorry ?

Transfer 5 week 1
I've been cleaning. For. Hours. Turns out my new companion is a clean freak hahaha his name is Elder Truman, he's from Australia, and he has been in Japan since January of last year (ish). He's a way nice guy but boy am I tired of putting effort into making relationships with companions 😅 also he really wants to buy a plant together and I'm definitely not that committed to our relationship so shoutout to all the people who have children that's kinda scary 😅
So pretty much last transfer I sent no emails because my companion had to be shopping all day or he would not be able to function for the rest of the week... But tbh that's better than cleaning all day 🙃
So I'm still doing great in Japan! It's really hard to find people to teach in Hanayashiki for some reason??? One day I literally knocked on like 1000 doors and got 0 return appointments and it sucked because my companion doesn't understand the way people talk in Osaka at all so he just kinda looked at me after anyone said anything through the door. Yikes. Another day I was way determined to find someone to teach so I was just being way way genki and talking to every single person I possibly could outside this giant Eki, and still nothing. If you can imagine this, I didn't let that kill my spirit and I hard core dendoued all my eikaiwa students and practically begged them to let me teach them, but they all said no. So I started visiting members and bearing tons of testimony to them about how important missionary work is and encouraged them to bring up the gospel with their friends... and nothing.
So I've been really down this week, and then out of the blue I get a message from an old eikaiwa student. She started doing her family history recently, and just felt like she should tell us! So basically were teaching her family history now and tying it in with the gospel and she came to a relief society activity and I'm way happy!
Spiritual message:The plan of salvation is so. Impressive. Like really. The knowledge that well be together with our families forever is so. Impressive. I'm so thankful for that, because there isn't a member of my immediate family or extended family that I don't want to be with forever! I'm so grateful for the knowledge of the gospel that I have, and even more grateful for the opportunity to help people see it for the very first time.
Love you guys! Here's a picture of a nautical themed clothing store and my new companion! Pictures are hard!


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