December 16, 2018


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Transfer 4 week 1
Hello! It's me again! I'll just get right into it!
This week has both way sucked and been at awesome. Tuesday, I got the call to transfer to Hanayashiki! I was way way bummed about it. It means that there's 2 new elders in Sekime. But one of them is a good friend of mine, and he's already doing a much better job than I could have, honestly (love you homie @Dillon長老). So that's been way exciting, but to be honest I'm still a little gutted hat I had to leave. I'm sure that God has some pretty good reasons though? \_(ツ)_/ aside from having a mini emotional breakdown and crying with the bishops wife for 20 minutes the night before I left, this has been pretty smooth 😅
So. Hanayashiki. Wow, this place is different. It's not very rural (bless up) but it's still pretty different from Sekime. I had never seen a real rice field until I got here, which is honestly pretty crazy. The biggest thing is the hills. And when I say hills, I mean MOUNTAINS! I've always been a pretty sucky/weak biker, but oh man this is too much 😅 my second day here I was biking up a pretty steep hill for an out 2.5 hours. I literally have not been able to feel my legs for 5 days. It's great.
My companion is Elder Kennedy. To be honest, I was really worried about being his companion since I had met him once before, but hes actuslly way cool! Hes from Canada, so i still havent had am American companion in Japan. Pretty crazy 😅 he had a few rough transfers in a row (both of the companions he had are now home, if that says anything) and so he's excited to work really hard. And I am too. It'll be awesome hahaha 
The ward here is crazy awesome! It's almost like being in an American ward with his much they do for missionaries, but they're also willing to help with dendou too. I'm way excited. I haven't even been here for a week, and they've give me tons of presents already!
That's pretty much it though! I'd just like to share a quote from president Monson to close this email that most of you don't read ;) "the Lord will shape the back to bear the burden placed upon it." Whenever something seems hard or impossible, we can always remember thag it's because the Lord is shaping us. And pretty soon that burden won t be super hard to bear. I mean hey, when was the last time you saw me complain about not understanding anything in Japanese? It's crazy to see how much stronger the Lord has shaped me already.
Anyways love you guys! @not elder anymore Westerlund, welcome home! (By the way, my trainer just finished his two years. May he forever rest in piece hahaha)
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