December 9, 2018


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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Transfer 3, week: the last one
Boooooooooom dia! That's Portuguese for something tbh I don't even remember but that's how my companion starts all his emails hahaha I've been doing awesome! A lot of lows, but I'm a lot better because of that. And the lows make the highs even higher ;)
I went to Osaka Castle! That place is waayyyyy pretty and I should've gone sooner. It's literally in my area hahaha I don't know why it took 4 months to go... I'll put in pictures.
An old man yelled at me when I knocked on his door. He told me I was wasting my time, nobody in Japan cared that I was there, my Japanese sucks, and I was in over my head. I may or may not have cried hahaha it was already a hard day. But you know what, we gave away a copy of the book of Mormon right after getting yelled at. And you want to know the coolest part? I understood every mean word that cranky old guy said to me. Sorta wish I didn't, but how cool is it that I could understand??? The Lord really is helping me so much with everything I do, and I'm so grateful.
We had a stake-wide missionary appreciation night/party and it was way fun. Im pretty sure most of the zone is going to change now, since theyve been there so long. So we all did dendou together before it was like our final zone activity. We'll see what happens with transfers this week, but i have a feeling its gonna be wild.
Funny story:So for the last week my bike seat keeps sliding down. It's as low as it can get and it hurts my knees so bad. There's nothing that can be done, so I've just been having a great time on my tiny little bike. The past week I've also heard a lot of people laughing. I thought maybe it was just because people are happy at Christmas, right? Well it turns out they were all laughing at how ridiculous I look on my FREAKIN AWESOME BIKE and now I use it to get people to talk to me. Nice. Also the bishops daughter told me I was going to go to outer darkness. Sweet.
Man you would think my life would be more exciting, living in Japan and all hahaha @everyone who has emailed me recently, I really do appreciate it. This transfer has been way hard for a bunch of reasons, but knowing that you all are supporting me from home, even if nobody here is, has been a huge motivator in keeping me going. I also haven't done a spiritual thought in a while so I'll give a quick one:
OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRISTI have pretty much always been wrong about how I should view Christ. Here's the honest truth: I always thought his purpose was to motivate us to be better. We can't be imperfect and be with Christ, so that's why we should try to be perfect. But I've realized I was wrong this week. You should NOT try to be perfect.I've spent my whole life focused on perfection, on achievements, and on becoming a person my momma would be proud of (love you momma 😉). But I haven't been too happy that way. The joy didn't last. So I tried something new. Something crazy. What if I focused on Jesus Christ, instead of being LIKE Jesus Christ? Wild, I know. But oh man, has that made a world of difference. My companion doesn't bother me so much anymore. My lack of social skills doesn't make me uncomfortable anymore (just everyone else 笑). I literally feel like singing all the time hahaha
I love Jesus Christ! I love this season where I get to celebrate Him everyday without seeming (too) crazy! And I love you guys!
Catch you next time I decide to email👍🏿オリバー 長老
Pics:Osaka CastleMERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!Some cool Japanese college students ✌🏿"バイバイ会"


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