November 18, 2018


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Transfer 3 Week 3? Maybe???
What is uuuuuppppp my favorite people???? Nothing too new this week. Just wanted to say thanks to all those that wished me happy birthday. Really appreciated it ;) I've been having a way rough transfer hahahaha but it's nice to know that even if I'm not seeing much support here that I have lots coming from home!
Anyways for my birthday I got... Sick! Woohoo! And even thiugh I was sick I still had to drag my companion around to do stuff! Yeah! Way fun! Hahaha aside from that I actually got 5 cakes! A whole 5 cakes! The bishops family gave me and my companion one because our birthdays were in the same week, and I got 4 cakes from eikaiwa students (they didn't know it was my comps birthday 2 days before mine... kinda felt bad) Sekime is literally the best place in the world.
Tbh that's pretty much it... loving serving Jesus Christ every hour of everyday! Here's a random quote that I really like: "No one has failed who keeps trying and keeps praying."  (Elder Holland, of course) Let me tell ya, I have been trying and praying so much this transfer, and I can already see how much that has blessed my life. I had the opportunity to translate for a family visiting our ward during sacrament meeting (luckily they only stayed for the first hour hahaha) but I could feel the spirit working in me to translate. I honestly had no idea what I was listening to our what I was saying half the time, but the words came out anyways. Score one point for Jesus.
Y'all are the best! Have an incredible week! 🙃オリバー 長老
Don't really have any pictures oops... I actually took a bunch of videos for my mom though... she wanted to see the Sekime area so if you want those shoot me an email and I'll share it on Google photos? Idk but here's a picture from transfers. 


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