September 23, 2018


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Thou art the man

Transfer 2 week 1
Yooooosh! Transfer one is done, and me and my companion are both staying in Sekime! One of my best friends from before the mission (Kira Grover, she's the bomb!) Got transferred to the area right below mine(I'm in Abeno), so hopefully we'll get to see each other soon!
Life is AWESOME! We've been watching these bible movies (one about Joseph, one about Abraham, and one about David) and they're way dope. We decided to start reading the stories from the bible every night too to check and see how accurate the scriptures are. And I found this AWESOME scripture. 2 Samuel 12:7
7 ΒΆ And Nathan said to David, Thou art the man...

Hahaha the bible is the best πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Other than that a pretty normal week. We biked all the way to the farthest part of our area, which took about 2 hours to get there (and another two to get back). Nothing much to report from that except we visit a less active who lived in the smallest apartment I've ever seen with 10 cats. Wild. He doesn't remember being baptized either and doesn't recognize the name of the church? Sort of a crazy dude not gonna lie hahaha
We met with an eikaiwa student this week and told Dr that we couldn't meet anymore unless it was only gospel related stuff and no English. She's been an investigator for the past 2 years (and would only talk about English every lesson), so we figured it was time to let her go. So we told her that and she said that she was way down to learn about the gospel! Not really sure what happened hahaha but I'm way excited to teach her about what really matters.Β 
Our man Takemoto came to church unexpectedly (classic), and we were teaching him and things just sort of came together perfectly and he's going to be baptized! When we were trying to figure out the date, he said he just wanted to do it as soon as possible so he could finally be an official member, so he will be baptized on Sunday, September 30th. I'm way excited! Takemoto is the man!
Spiritual thought:This week I've been taking a lot of time to try to figure out my strengths and weaknesses. I got a lot of advice from a lot of people, and this is sort of what I came up with. We all have been given tons and tons of unique and powerful experiences. Those are really the only thing that truly sets us apart from each other. So I was thinking about how, for me, i could apply those experiences in dendo. I could only think of one word: genuine. If we're contacting people on the street and committing them to come to eikaiwa, what are people gonna think missionaries are? If we knock on people's doors and commit them to create family histories, who will they think we represent? I've been blessed with a once in a lifetime opportunity to be a called representive of Jesus Christ, and i dont want to waste it and let people think I'm an English teacher or a family history consultant. I have so many personal experiences with Jesus Christ, and those are most treasured moments and my most powerful resources in being a missionary. Sure I can play the piano and sing a little bit, but what good are those if they don't help someone grow closer to Jesus Christ (which it's my personal opinion that music is one of the best ways to do just that)? Genuinity is the easiest way to show the pure (and genuine) love that Jesus Christ has for these people!
Japanese Fun Fact:The word for investigator in Japanese is 求道者 (kyuudousha). The Kanji literally means,"one who seeks the way." That's pretty cool!
Love all you guys so much!γ‚ͺγƒͺバー長老
So I don't really have any pictures from this week :') my bad. But here's a picture from a few weeks ago when we did that sports day in ibaraki.


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