August 19, 2018


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Transfer 1 week 2みなさん!
Another week in Japan finished already! (???? Time is going so fast) but this week was awesome! There's a lot of great people her taking good care of me, and I've been able to help take care of a lot of other people too! Being a missionary here really is so special.
Last Monday I was able to go to a professional women's baseball (and thats baseball, not softball) game with the bishop and his Family! It was honestly so fun because I was just playing with the kids the whole time hahaha. But the Miyazaki's are such kind and fun people! I cant help but be super genki whenever I'm around them!
I also did a lot of what we call "sign dendou." We held up a sign on a very busy bridge and just talked to tons and tons of people about the church and about eikaiwa if they weren't interested in the church (everyone is interested in the church, but some people just don't know it yet). Through sign dendou I've met people from all over the world, super nice and super mean people, and had tons of fun. We are actually able to contact tons of people through it and were able to start teaching one person this week from sign dendou!
Her name is Yuko, and she was raised a protestant. She didn't seem that interested in the church when we met her on the bridge, but she came to eikaiwa and when she heard me playing the piano she started talking about how she was looking for a new church to worship with because she got in a fight with some ladies at her church. So we started teaching her! She doesn't really understand why the LDS church is different if we all believe in Jesus, so when we tried to explain she still didn't get it. But we invited her to pray about it and read the Book of Mormon! Heck yeah!
So I also taught my first Eikaiwa this week! Oh man are the students awesome! They're all basically fluent so we pretty much just talk in English for an hour and a half hahaha. It's a lot of fun. Most of them don't really care much for religion (a common theme across Japanese people, I've noticed) but they say they like how they feel when they "hang out" with us! 
I also had my first district meeting, which there are only four of us so it's kind of small. But the Hirakata sisters are both so sweet and fun! We went out to lunch together afterward and got some curry (which was incredibly おいしい) and just kinda talked about how to dendou better. It was great! 
The language is coming a lot better. I was totally fine in the mtc but it turns out speaking Japanese people to native speakers is a little terrifying for me. At first my mind wouod go totally blank but now I just say uh and um a lot. Which is better, I think. So I've been working a lot this week on confidence! I know I have all the skills to communicate whatever I want I just don't know that I know it yet! I read in Mosiah 4:27:And see that all these things are done in wisdom and order; for it is not requisite that a man should run faster than he has strength. And again, it is expedient that he should be diligent, that thereby he might win the prize; therefore, all things must be done in order.

I don't need to worry about being fluent or understanding everything yet. If I just focus on what I am now, and what I can do now, then I will be able to get my "prize" eventually (whether that be Japanese fluency, baptizing a person we teach, or eternal life). Don't worry if you feel inadequate right now! If you ever think you aren't enough, you're right. But that's why we have the atonement to make up for anything that we lack.
God loves all you guys so much, and I love you too!また来週!オリバー長老
Pictures are me at the baseball game with the Miyazaki's and their friends, and I picture of me with my eyes closed on the flight to Japan. I'll be better about pictures this week I promise.


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