July 25, 2018


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Ready to goooooo

こんにちは,みなさん! (Konnichiwa minasan: Hello Everyone!)Someone asked me to actually say what the Japanese meant in my emails so I'm gonna try hahaha
This past week has been pretty good! My companion's concussion has been healing super fast, so he can go to all classes and do pretty much anything as long as it isn't sports. It was super rough trying to teach again after not speaking any Japanese or teaching for a whole week, but I got back into the hang of it pretty fast. It's been so nice not being stuck inside anymore!
We started teaching a "native TRC investigator." I don't really know what TRC stands for actually, but pretty much it's a person whose known Japanese their whole life who pretends to be an investigator for us. The fact that Japanese is his native language means that he literally makes no sense hahaha. He's from Okinawa, so everytime he opens his mouth I just stare at him, really confused. One time in a lesson he said something and I literally had no clue what he said, so I asked him to say it again but in Japanese. He got a kick out of that hahaha.
I only have 11 more days left in the MTC and I couldn't be more excited to leave. Everytime I learn something new about Japan or get better at the language I get more and more excited to meet the people in Japan!
Something I've learned this week is how important it is to do the right things (that sounds real stupid I know, but it's true). It's really easy to get into vicious cycles and have your life spiral downwards, but I learned that there's an opposite to vicious cycle, called a virtuous cycle. So we just need to do good things to get started on the virtuous cycle and instead of our lives spiraling downwards, they'll spiral upwards and get better each day. と証します! (to akashishimasu: of this I testify!)
Sorry I don't have any fun stories this week. The MTC is so boring hahaha. I've been trying to take pictures, but it's literally the same stuff every single day. ごめんなさい (gomennasai: sorry)
愛していますみなさん! (Aishiteimasu minasan: I love you everyone!)オリバー長老 (Oribaa chourou: Elder Oliver)


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