July 18, 2018


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Possibly the slowest week of all time

こんにちは,みなさん! Sorry if this email is boring you can skip to the pictures if you want
This week has be ROUGH! Last Thursday my companion got a concussion. About three months ago, he got in a car crash and had really bad internal bleeding and almost died. It was so bad that he had to sit in a totally dark and silent room for 2 weeks. So the fact that he got hit in the head again is wayyyy bad. He's not allowed to learn any Japanese for a little bit, and I've been staying with him all day everyday since he got the concussion. So I haven't taught any lessons or spoken much Japanese at all in the past week which also is not very good. RIP our companionship hahaha. Send prayers that he'll be able to make it to Japan!
In the days inbetween, not much has happened. I have had so much downtime it's unreal. I read the whole Book of Mormon over the weekend, watched every bible video on Gospel Library, and watched Meet the Mormons like 3 times hahaha. Me and my companion were able to go to church on Sunday... And they asked me to be a district leader! I haven't really done anything for that though since I've been to class like twice in the past week. Oops. 
Our senpai (the Japanese Missionaries 3 weeks ahead of us) left this past week, which has been super sad and exciting at the same time. I got to be really good friends with them so it's been really sad having them gone these past few days. Hopefully the new missionaries will help fill the void a little bit... 
Other than that, not a lot has happened!
Pics:1: All the remaining Elders in my zone + the 日本人 that left monday2/3: Just some random pictures...4: Me and the 日本人!5: My boy Ormond 長老, who left for Tokyo South last Monday! He's from New Zealand but loves America hahaha


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