June 27, 2018


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Week 3!!!! Probably!!!!

Hey everyone!
This week has been super awesome! To be honest my lessons have kind of sucked, but you know that's ok! Nobody expects me to be perfect now, so I shouldn't either. This week my daisenpai left (they're the missionaries that are six weeks ahead of me. The Japanese missionaries come in every 3 weeks, so the ones 3 weeks ahead are my senpai, and the ones 6 weeks ahead are my daisenpai). They were super awesome and it's been so weird with them gone. But later tonight I get to meet my kohai (the missionaries that are 3 weeks behind me)! I'm super excited to meet all the new missionaries! I also didn't have my tablet with me for most of this week (I've been trying to use it less, so I left it in my residence most days), so I don't really have any pictures. And my district leader decided it was inappropriate for our district to have a group chat for pictures, so I can't get the pictures other people took (I was thinking about making a group chat without him in it, but i decided that wasn't a good idea so sorry about not having pictures).
This past week the new mission presidents have been getting their training, so I got to meet a lot of cool people. At the devotional on sunday, the entire quorum of the 12 apostles were there, and earlier all 15 apostles were instructing the mission presidents! I got to talk to elder Uchtdorf and shake his hand!!! I also got to meet Elder Gong, Elder Renlund, and President Nelson! Elder Dallin H. Oaks gave the devotional on sunday, and he talked about how if we love god first, then ourselves, then our mission presidents, then our companions, and then the people we teach, then our lives as missionaries will be much easier. I really liked that because i've been having a hard time prioritizing those things this past week, so his talk was an answer to my prayers.
I honestly don't really remember what else happened this week. I feel like I literally had my P-day like 2 days ago. The time here is flying by, and I can't wait to actually get to Japan and teach real people!
God loves you all, and I love you too!Oliver 長老
Pictured are two awesome missionaries in my zone! (sister Murphy and Elder Hamblin) the only reason I have this picture is because they took selfies on my tablet while I was in the bathroom hahaha.


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