September 11, 2017




Elder Lopez

week 4 Transfer 10

-Noah Christopher Ludlow
Date: Mon, Sep 11, 2017 at 11:45 AM
Subject: week 4 Transfer 10

so we got our baptism!!!! it was very much a miracle we were not able to confirm her just yet we have to wait til this coming Sunday. I performed the baptism. it is so different doing a baptism outside the temple with an adult in a different language. i was super nervous and stressed about it all week but I am sure thats pretty normal. when she went down not all of her dress had gone down immediately so I hesitated to pull her back up. all the members thought I had held her down on purpose but like because one of the other Elders had told me thats how you did it, I am not super worried about that though cuz afterward I felt peace, I felt like God was happy with the baptism, I have no doubt that it was the presence of the Spirit. It was an amazing experience.I dont really have the words to describe it. here are a couple photos her name is Natalia Rodrieguez Aponte. so that was the big thing of this week we also found 2 new investigators named Hector and Ernesto they are 2 brothers that we contacted in the street they are aged 70 and 73 respectively. you know somethings may be different but give these guys beers or something teach them English and they are your typical abuelos... there was a grandson playing in the mud and the abuela came out and said hey arent you watching that boy and they were both like uhhh no... haha
 love you alll!!!!Elder Ludlow


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