May 22, 2017


Villa Elvira


Elder Costa

week 6 of transfer 7

May 22, 2017 11:08 AM
Hey Everyone I am doing all right caught a cold. lot of rain this week, I was not entirely prepared for much of it, well I plan to do better with that I am much better now thankfully. Medicine is a blessing from God to help us get better!! so not much happened during the week Maria Cristina our investigator that was preparing for baptism decided to wait a couple of weeks. she has i lot of health problems and even after we assured her that we would be careful with she got the doctors firm no but really wants to be baptized so told him that if things for her are not better in 2 weeks she is getting baptized regardless of what her doctor says. really awesome we are hoping she makes it!
Also Saturday we had transfers I am still in Villa Elvira but I am now with my 12th companion Elder Costa from Brazil he has 16 months on the mission. for those of you who like numbers I am excited for this transfer for 2 reasons first my seem ready to work which means we will hopefully find people this transfer, the second is as of today I now have 11 MONTHS this is the start of my 8th of 16 transfers which also means that this transfer I will my year mark. this is also probably a good time to reveal my release date, June 4th 2018, unless I extend which not planning on it. its exciting to know that I am almost halfway done.Elder Ludlow.


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