April 24, 2017


Villa Elvira


Elder Vengas

week 2 transfer 6

"Noah Christopher Ludlow"
Date: Apr 24, 2017 1:21 PM
Subject: week 2 transfer 6

so first Yesterday I reached 10 months yesterday it was pretty chill... so I went on intercombios on Wednesday in El Carmen with Elder Pope, from Utah yes his name is pope crazy huh? well it was pretty cool we talked a lot.We share a previous comp and area so we had plenty to talk about... we got along pretty well. I guess it comes with being the companion of the DL, I have another 2 intercambios this week. one in my area and I am not entirely sure about the other at the moment like what area but it will be cool. also I want to talk to you all about  my experience last night... so we had lunch late in the afternoon at like 2:45 when we sat down to start eating we got done and returned to the pension for some language study this was at like 4. ok so I studied for an hour then my comp wasn't really wanting to leave the other Elders in our pension were sick and staying in to rest. my comp wasn't really wanting to do anything... so Elder Knuth talked to me a little bit ago about being willing to take the initiative in those situations and yesterday night reminded of doing so. well I got ready and said hey Elder vamos a trabajar.... which means lets go to work while we were preparing( we had nobody in mind to visit) I suggest, hey lets go to the north limit of our area and knock doors. He was like alright. so we left the pension at 7:30 and started working, we had at most 2 hours to work so we knocked and talked as quickly and patiently as we could. in that time we knocked on about 20 doors  set 4 appointments for tonight, a reference for Elvira the other Elder I live with and 10 future investigators. it was awesome! I will let you know what happens with them.Elder Ludlow


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