April 3, 2017




Elder Bartoski

Conference Week

Mon, Apr 3, 2017 at 1:14 PM
Re: Week 5
Noah Christopher Ludlow"

so nothing really eventful happened during the week... we taught a bunch of people. only like one or 2 are really progressing the biggest thing was Conference. it is so weird watching it in another language! like the English part is still there but under the person translating... not only that because the English part is still there they turn on the AC to try to cover it, so its super cold for them during conference too!  and all the hymns are in English and all the introductory things on the bottom of the screen so its like both and then sometimes the translator guts out so English is plainly audible.
anyway we had 3 investigators attend 2 were younger girls Priscilla and Milagros it was cool to see them they live with their grandmother, their mom was a member but passed away and dad is no where to be seen  they are 12 and 11 respectively, and the Grandma only true blue Catholic Ive met so far only lets them attend church if they spend the night at their Great Aunts(member)  house which is not very often. the other is someone who has been listening to the Missionaries now as our records indicate for 20 years off and on named Fabian Perez. He is the only one in the family not a member. He married his wife 15 years ago because she wanted to be baptized. He has 5 children all but the 2 year old are baptized and active in the church. He more or less only attend the conferences at his wife's encouragement. so this conference instead of coming with a question I was praying all Sunday that one of the messages would touch Brother Perezs heart. then the 70 from Buenos Aires (Elder Costa) spoke and, we we don't know at this time if there has been a change but we are hoping he felt something during that talk specifically. have you ever gone to conference before, praying that someone else would be benefited by one of the messages presented therein? it was such a different experience. i am all for questions for yourself but it was quite a different conference for me praying for this investigator. I encourage all who have the opportunity to read this to invite a friend or relative not currently active or a member to the next session of Conference in October to participate in at least one session and what ever their story pray that they will receive something. I will follow up in six months so don't forget!!!!!Elder Ludlow

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