February 20, 2017




Elder Bartoski

week 5 transfer 5

From: Noah Christopher Ludlow

so this week it rained like crazy it also included a flash flood on our street it was crazy Elder Bartoski and I were in the pension thankfully... but man it was like there was suddenly a river in the road i have some photos of it that I will send. also we ran in to a couple of evangelicos this week that was hard. we were passing by to hopefully teach one of them a man named Bruno, he is super cool. he was reference from our zone leaders. our first visit was awesome we didn't really have a lot of time we were more or less trying to set a return appointment with him. He said he remembered talking to a couple of guys like us before and had a lot of questions about like where are the prophets in our day... the scriptures are explicit on the fact that prophets were absolutely necessary. so naturally my comp and I were excited for the return appointment. well he had a friend there from his church so he was not really wanting to accept anything and his friend was someone who was wanting to contend with us a little bit. we shared the Promise in Moroni 10 with him and Bruno in return he throught of Galatians 1: 5-6 and us of course we didn't contend with him just talked and shared a bit of what we believe, not really lessons, but after a while we had a Brother in the church pass by in the area and he was under the impression that we were bad elders and didn't really know spanish and what not huh because we didn't really contend with the man about our beliefs huh so that was my week!

Elder Ludlow


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