January 23, 2017




Elder Bartoski

week 1 of transfer 5

Noah Christopher Ludlow
Monday, January 23, 2017 11:43 AM

first today I have completed 7 months of my mission. as promised I got lost twice this week with my companion but with the Lord as missionaries you are rarely truly lost. we were still in our area for the most part. we may have mission jumped into the south mission once or twice on accident but we quickly returned on both accounts to our own when we discovered that we were out of Bounds.

if we had tails we worked them off this week. we worked hard like we were walking like crazy people also one of the young men the area got his Mission call, he was called to the Canada Calgary Mission that will be a change for him!! I helped in a blessing on Sunday for man who was deaf and mute, it was a little challenging to communicate with him., but we did it he gave us like his id card for his name. it was different. we hopefully reactivated one of the young men in the area., and we found another less active that expressed a desire to serve a mission ... then asked us do i have to be attending church to go? my companion and I were both like yes she was like ok so hopefully that is another reactivation we wont know til this Sunday she is vacationing this week.things are going well here I think.

Elder Ludlow


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