January 16, 2017




Elder Rios

Week 6 of Transfer 4

Noah Christopher Ludlow
Monday, January 16, 2017

So we worked hard this week. unfortunately we only have one investigator with a date for baptism right now that is Gisela from my last email and unfortunately we are pretty sure shes not married to the guy shes living with, i could have had like 20 people enter the waters of baptism by now if they were just stinkin married!!! My gosh its not that hard people to say I do right??? well on the other side we found like another 10 new investigators this week so hopefully we can find some people who are ready. Also last this last Saturday we had White Night where more or less we had a really big baptism as a Zone. 8 people were baptized and am pretty sure that they were all confirmed on Sunday thats cool. Also we had Transfers I am still in Solano but I am waiting for the arrival of my companion the most the I really know of him right now is that he is from Brazil and the he has 15 months he is from the same mtc group as Elder Rios(My last Comp) well so I have had comps from Argentina Uruaguay Paraguay and Mexico, also this is the first transfer that I will not be living with my Districit Leader. I am doing well a little nervous for this tranfer I hope I know my area sufficiently to lead it... well we shall see I will let you know how many time I get lost next week.

Elder Ludlow


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