January 2, 2017




Elder Rios

new Years

Noah Christopher Ludlow
Monday, January 02, 2017 12:40 PM
new Years

So this week was kind of interesting I had the opportunity to give a blessing of health. It was super challenging. I was giving it to a little girl that has like people anxiety so like my companion did the anointing and she was ok not to bad. I came over and just pronounced her name and she started like howling. so I stopped and waited for her to calm down I was waiting like this for like 20 minutes before she was finally calm enough for me to do the blessing. she started crying and squirming about half way through ( I didnt make it very long) and had to pause again until she calm was a little calmer which luckily was not as long.

second this week was new Years! so if you ever have choice to go somewhere during Christmas Eve or New Years I would highly recommend Argentina. There are fireworks everywhere on those nights . We have a little terrace. we were only able to see like a little half of them and there were like everywhere. they have a big feast/ meal on those I was able to try 2 new things on New Years Eve, Blood and Riñón. for those of you who dont speak spanish, riñón is kidney, not high on my list of things to try they weren't like horrid but they were not like spectacular. i guess sufficient for trying one time.

Elder Ludlow


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